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Gift Ideas for Moms Who Just Gave Birth

Most of the time, moms get so busy preparing for the birth of their babies that they forget to prepare things for themselves. Here are some gift ideas to give moms who just gave birth!

When I became a first-time mom, my Type A personality allowed me to prepare everything that my baby would need as soon as she arrived. I was so excited to finally meet her that I forgot to prepare the things that I would be needing. Although I had nursing bras and attended newborn care and sleep classes that allowed me to establish a routine with my baby right away, I had zero nursing clothes and nearly forgot I also had a household to manage with my husband, which includes taking care of our original babies—a pet dog and cat. Needless to say, I was so overwhelmed. Luckily, I had an amazing support system in the form of our families who took care of us. So, if you wish to help out a new mom who might be feeling the baby blues or is just as overwhelmed, here are some gift ideas for moms who just gave birth—as recommended by fellow moms themselves.

Gift Ideas for Moms Who Just Gave Birth

1. Food

Gift Ideas for Moms Who Just Gave Birth Food
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One of the most popular and practical gift ideas for moms who just gave birth is food. This is especially because they won’t have time to cook or prepare their own meals during the first few days or weeks. Those who love and miss eating Japanese food—because they couldn’t while they were pregnant (READ: 5 Things Every Mom Wants to Eat After Giving Birth)—would appreciate sushi and sashimi or a grazing box filled with their favorite tapas and soft cheeses.

Gift Ideas for Moms Who Just Gave Birth Food
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Another good idea would be to give them GeLai, which provides holistic postnatal recovery food. Or, how about subscribing them to a healthy meal delivery service for a week or two so they don’t have to think or worry about what they’ll be eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

2. Postnatal or Lactation Massage

Gift Ideas for Moms Who Just Gave Birth Postnatal or Lactation Massage

A postpartum or postnatal massage is a full-body massage that occurs within the first 12 weeks after giving birth to help a mother recover. It can aid with aching muscles, promote lymphatic drainage, and may even assist moms in processing the emotional side of giving birth. Meanwhile, a lactation massage is a breast massage that can be beneficial in increasing the amount of milk production by hand or by breast pump. Moreover, it can remove blockages in milk ducts and prevent mastitis.

3. Breast Pump

Gift Ideas for Moms Who Just Gave Birth Breast Pump

Another great gift idea for moms who just gave birth would be a breast pump—especially if they plan to breastfeed their little one for the next year or so. There are wireless breast pumps like the one from Milk Easy that make pumping so easy and convenient. Alternatively, there are manual breast pumps like the Haakaa that are great for catching let-down milk.

4. Binder

Gift Ideas for Moms Who Just Gave Birth Binder
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An abdominal binder provides mothers with continuous compression and support while their bodies heal—especially from a c-section. There are many benefits to wearing a binder such as reducing recovery time and the risk of Diastasis Recti, which occurs when the rectus abdominis muscles (or six-pack ab muscles) separate during pregnancy from being stretched. The separation can make their belly stick out or bulge months or years after giving birth. Two popular binders that moms recommend are the Wink Binder and the Mamaway Postnatal Recovery Binder.

5. Nursing Bras, Tops, and Dresses

Gift Ideas for Moms Who Just Gave Birth Nursing Bras, Tops, and Dresses
Photo Source: Elin
Gift Ideas for Moms Who Just Gave Birth Nursing Bras, Tops, and Dresses
Photo Source: Elin

One mom says that she can’t get enough of these! Nursing bras and tops like the ones from Mamaway and Breastfeeding Mum, and nursing dresses like the timeless pieces from Elin give moms a chance to breastfeed with ease while still looking pretty and polished.

6. Newborn Care Classes

Gift Ideas for Moms Who Just Gave Birth Newborn Care Classes
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This was a gift that I truly appreciated while I was still pregnant. A close friend signed me and my husband up for classes with a doula, who taught us everything we should expect—from arriving at the hospital to bringing home our baby. She also taught us everything we needed to know about caring for a newborn as well as breastfeeding. Another class that I learned a lot from was Taking Cara Babies, which helped me understand infant sleep. Because of this class, I was able to establish a consistent schedule and routine with my baby—which helped her sleep better and in turn, helped me sleep better! I think any mom would love this.

7. Lactation Supplements

Gift Ideas for Moms Who Just Gave Birth Lactation supplements

Whether it’s in the form of capsules, coffee, cookies, and milking bombs, these lactation supplements can help out a breastfeeding mother boost her supply. We recommend checking out Mega Malunggay, Vera Blends, and Milking Bombs by ABC.

8. Sentimental Jewelry

Gift Ideas for Moms Who Just Gave Birth Sentimental Jewelry

For moms who want to commemorate special milestones, a thoughtful gift would be jewelry! Tender Foot Jewels creates a variety of rings, bracelets, and pendants made of breast milk or DNA. All they need to do is send a sample of their breast milk or a bit of their baby’s cord stump. And Tender Foot can turn it into a stone or special piece of jewelry. How amazing is that?

9. Subscription to Premium Apps

Thanks to the wonders of technology, there are so many amazing apps that can help moms take better care of their babies. There’s Glow Baby, which tracks sleep, diaper changes, feeding sessions, milestones, and more. And then there’s Wonder Weeks, which gives an idea of what leap a baby is in. Lastly, Solid Starts is for babies who are about to start their solid food journey. These amazing apps are truly game-changing for any modern mother.

These gift ideas for moms who just gave birth will go a long way!

As soon as the baby is born, moms tend to prioritize their infants and hardly think about their needs. Sometimes, this can lead to postpartum rage or depression. But showing a mom that you care about them through a simple yet meaningful gift can uplift their spirits and make them feel validated.

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