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Tita Tips: 4 Handy Suggestions on Helping Raise a Kid

Unsure as an aunt raising a kid? Here are some Tita Tips to consider.

Raising a kid in the world today can be challenging with so many things happening around. Parents, for one, have to balance their time to work and raise families. Meanwhile, there are some who are lucky that their siblings or parents can help them in looking after their little ones. As a tita (or aunt), raising two toddlers can be quite challenging. On top of looking out for them, I also attend to my work in media and help run the house. While titas or titos, for that matter, have different scenarios, here are five helpful tita tips that can be handy in helping raise a kid in the house.

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4 Tita Tips to Help You Out

Have a lot of patience

Just like parents, titas need to have patience—especially when disciplining nephews or nieces. I personally do not spank my nephews. But I raise my voice—warning them I am serious when they are already being stubborn. There will be times your patience will be tested but you have to be calm and cool in dealing with kids’ tantrums.

Set aside time for them during the day

Balancing work and babysitting can be quite challenging but as a tita, I make sure to set aside time for them at least one hour to play, do storytelling, or just watch some TV to assure them I am nearby. After all, as a guardian, I do have that responsibility to look out for them.

Take them out when you can

With the pandemic slowly disappearing and places now opening, it’s important to bring out the kids to open spaces like parks or playgrounds. While as a tita I want them to be safe, I know that it’s important for them to be aware of their surroundings and let them explore. Make sure to monitor their whereabouts because you never know what may happen.

When in doubt, consult the grandparents

If you’re unsure of things you have never done before, then it’s best to consult your parents or the kid’s grandparents. They’ve been through situations before and they won’t mind helping you figure out how or giving tips on taking care of your nephew or niece.

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Titas are parents, too!

There was a time when titas simply spoiled their nephews or nieces, But like parents, they too help raise a child. It takes a village after all. The time that titas spend with kids is not just about loving them but also helping shape them to become better people in the world today.

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