Healthy Beginnings: Why Having a Dedicated Skincare Routine is Essential For Babies

As Cetaphil observes this year’s Skin Awareness Month, the brand continues to advocate for healthier skin for everyone, including your little ones

Being a new parent is both exciting and daunting at the same time. With the amount of things we have to keep track of regarding our baby’s welfare and upbringing, starting them on their own skincare routine is probably overlooked by many. However, due to babies’ vulnerability against infections and environmental aggressors, taking care of their skin is also of utmost importance. 

Cetaphil baby skincare routine

Cetaphil is a brand that upholds the significance of bringing awareness concerning skin health. Together in celebrating Skin Awareness Month, the brand sheds light on why it is necessary to introduce your young ones to their very own skincare routine as early as now.

Starting them young

Our skin is our body’s largest organ—that’s a known fact. Acting as a personal protective gear against harmful bacteria and infections, it’s our first line of defense. A baby’s skin is notably thinner than the average adult which makes them more susceptible to germs and bacteria. This calls for extra care and attention because ensuring your baby’s skin is well-nourished is an absolute must in order to keep them protected.

Cetaphil baby
Photo courtesy of Cetaphil Official Facebook

As one of the leading dermatologist and pediatrician-recommended brands for skin needs, Cetaphil has a line of products that are specially formulated to accommodate your baby’s delicate skin needs. Cetaphil Baby offers protection making them gentle, paraben-free, fragrance-free, tear-free, and hypoallergenic. Their product range consists of their Gentle Wash & Shampoo, Daily Lotion with Organic Calendula, and Advanced Protection Cream to name a few. They are formulated with dermatologist-recommended ingredients that can further reinforce your baby’s skin: aloe vera for that much-needed hydration, vitamin E to help soothe dry skin, and calendula extract to address irritation with its antibacterial properties.

Cetaphil baby
Photo courtesy of Cetaphil Official Facebook

The younger the child, the more sensitive their skin with increased risk of infections and other types of skin conditions. The Cetaphil PRO AD line is specifically made to soothe very dry, itchy, and eczema-prone skin. The Skin Restoring Wash and the Skin Restoring Moisturizer are a two-step eczema care routine containing patented filaggrin technology and ceramides that improve hydration and restores the skin moisture barrier. With a hypoallergenic formula, the PRO AD line is gentle and suitable for babies and adults as well. 

Every skin story deserves the best care, especially your babies. As Cetaphil continues to empower every Filipino by advocating for proper care every skin needs, let this be the beginning to a healthy start baby’s skin deserves.

Cetaphil celebrates Skin Awareness Month through the Cetaphil PH YouTube Channel and launched a series of educational videos with board-certified dermatologists to teach everyone, especially those with sensitive skin, how to best care for their unique skin types.

Check out Cetaphil’s YouTube Channel for more educational videos on skin and derma content. You may also visit their website and official Facebook page for more information. 

Cetaphil Baby and Cetaphil PRO AD are available at Watsons and Mercury Drug Store, or you may shop online through Shopee or Lazada.

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