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Hey Mommas, It’s Time For Y.O.U.r Glow Up!

Most skincare tackles dry skin, but what if Y.O.U.r skin is oily? Here’s how we moms can get a glow-up!

Living in a humid country doesn’t always dry up our skin. Sometimes, the skincare products we hope to help us glow up are even the ones that make it worse! But that’s because not all of us have dry skin. Some of us have inherently oily skin which limits us to certain skincare products. But with Y.O.U Beauty now collaborating with renowned Japanese cosmetic research and development expert and former R&D Director of Shiseido Global Tadahiro Shimada, moms with oily skin will now have a chance for a glow-up with minimum risk.

Y.O.U Beauty

Asians Achieve Radiance Differently

Whenever we go for a glow-up, we always have to check what our skin profile is. While colors and materials are important to look at, the most vital part of investing in make-up is observing how Y.O.U.r skin responds to the skincare. Most especially when we have naturally oily skin, there will be days wherein our glow-up routine will fall a bit short. But with Y.O.U. Beauty’s use of the new Mizu Glow Technology which contains Sakura extract, Niacinamide, C-3 Complex in their newest line, we can finally achieve the radiance we’ve been dreaming of!

In achieving our desired radiance, we just have to follow 4 steps: Cleanse, Prep, Boost, Protect + Repair which luckily, is in their collection already. Their facial foam, toner essence, illuminating serum, and active night gel are all tailored to help moms with oily skin glisten with radiant skin.

Y.O.U Beauty

The More Y.O.U Know, The Brighter Y.O.U.r Skin Will Glow

Our skin doesn’t respond to the typical Western skincare products because Asian skin is different. Because of the humid weather, we’re more prone to having oily skin to prevent it from drying up. But because personal skincare isn’t an exact science, we undergo various trial and errors with some falling a bit short compared to what we sometimes hear. Which is why when we choose skincare products, make sure Y.O.U. know your skin profile. Because the more Y.O.U know, the brighter Y.O.U.r skin will glow.

Check out more of Y.O.U. Beauty’s products on their website.

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