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How To Promote Disaster Preparedness in Kids

Typhoon Karding is one of the reasons why we need to promote disaster preparedness in kids.

The Philippines is a hot spot for all sorts of natural calamities and disasters — from earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and typhoons. While the best way to deal with these calamities is to not panic, how can we when none of us are actually prepared to deal with these disasters? While we already know the whys, this is how we can promote disaster preparedness in kids.

1. Exposing kids to the reality of the environment.

A lot of times, kids (and even we) panic because we’re not familiar with what’s going on. When something like a typhoon or a storm hits, we start panicking because we’re not sure how strong it will be. It may be a little morbid to expose them early on but teaching them about global warming, recycling, and similar action steps like these help the environment.

2. Help them prepare a disaster kit.

Kids need to have a disaster kit and helping them prepare one aids in promoting disaster preparedness. We teach them how to anticipate what things they might need. Water, food, extra money, clothes, and ways to contact mom and dad in case everyone gets separated.

3. Teach them how to save the fur babies.

More often than not, the biggest casualty in disasters are the fur babies. Chained down, locked in cages — many of them end up drowning or being crushed by trees, abandoned by the humans who told them that they love them every day. If mom and dad are busy, make sure the kids know how to undo the locks or find the clippers to break the chains. It may mean letting go of a friend but at least they’ll have a fighting chance. Besides, they might be able to find you again.

4. Run drills in the house every now and then.

A lot of these natural calamities don’t happen on a daily basis. But having a lot of practice on what to do when it happens helps promote disaster preparedness in kids. That way, they don’t end up getting trapped or hurting themselves. Many deaths are usually because their mind goes blank out of panic whereas others escaped because they know by heart and instinct how to get away.

5. Have them help out in repairing the house.

The best way to promote disaster preparedness is through prevention. Have the kids help out in clearing the gutter or even just calling up the repairman to fix the gutter will do. That way, the kids feel like they’re a part of the effort in preventing disasters from befalling the family.

Promote Disaster Preparedness in Kids to Help Other Kids

A lot of times, these disasters can occur when not everybody is at home. We can’t protect our kids from everything forever and at some point, they may encounter disasters without us. But so long as we’ve ingrained in them how to act during a disaster, they can also influence other kids with their disaster preparedness and help save lives.

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