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Husbands Should Learn from Marco Alcaraz on Treating Their Wives Like Queens

Marco Alcaraz, a father of three boys, has been posting tips and advice on family and wife relationship on his Instagram account and YouTube channel

Husbands have often been accused of not showing their feelings but there are those who are upfront in showing it and showering their wives with a lot of attention. Actor Marco Alcaraz is one of the rare celebrities out there who is not afraid to express his feelings. Marco has been married to actress and Miss International 2005 Lara Quigaman since 2011 and is blessed with three sons. The family would often give a glimpse of their lives on their YouTube channel The Alcaraz family.

Aside from the YouTube channel, Marco has also been sharing Bible verses, tips, quotes, and advice to husbands and wives about keeping their marriages strong accompanied from time to time by funny and hilarious photos. While there are so many, we rounded up seven of them just for you and some of them are pure good vibes, very witty, and will make you say sana all!

Marco on the definition of relationship

In a February 9 Instagram post, Marco wrote about his thoughts on what is a relationship. In the post, he wrote:

“It means that you are committing to be someone’s life partner thru good and bad times. It means you choose them every single day.”

“It means na wala kayong secreto sa isa’t isa (you don’t have secrets with each other) and you allow them to share their secrets without judgement. It means you accept lahat ng flaws nila at ang past nila. It means you laugh, cry, struggle celebrate and live life together.”

Marco ended the definition with a Bible verse from Ephesians 5:25.

Choose a husband/partner who will value your opinion

On January 25, Marco reminded women about choosing partners who value their opinions.

Choose a husband na tinatanong lagi ang opinion mo hinde dahil takot siya sayo pero mahalaga ang opinion mo sa kanya,” he said.

(Choose a husband who often asks not because he’s afraid of you but because your opinion matters to him)

Treat your wife like a queen

Lara may be a queen in many pageant fans’ hearts and Marco as well but it doesn’t mean you should not stop treating the wife like one. Marco posted on Instagram last October 16 of him and Lara out on a dinner date in a hotel.

“Always treat your wife like a Queen,” he captioned the photo.

Arguments are common but settle it afterwards

In a September 10 Instagram post, Marco said it was important to settle fights with partners while you can.

Normal lang sa mag-asawa ang mag away at magkatampuhan. Pero siguraduhin na pag usapan kaagad ito pra hindi na lumaki,” he said.

(It’s normal for couples to fight and argue. But make sure to talk about it immediately so it won’t be blown out of proportion)

He added in jest: “Kasi pag lumaki naku, baka lumaki din ang tiyan ni Mrs at masundan si bunso.” ( Because if it gets bigger, the wife’s belly will probably grow and the youngest gets another sibling)

In another post, he wrote: “Natural sa mag-asawa ang paminsan-minsan ay magkaroon ng argumento. Kung sakaling mangyari ito sa inyo, aim on winning your spouse, more than winning the argument against your spouse. Aanhin mo ang manalo sa argumento kung mawawala naman sa’yo ang asawa mo. Sige, isipin mo.”

(It’s natural for partners to once and a while to have arguments. If this happens, aim on winning your spouse more than the argument against your spouse. What’s the point of winning the argument if your spouse leaves you)

Give your wives/partners time for themselve

Marco said it’s very important to give your wife or partner time alone to relax.

Lagi nyo dapat alagaan mga asawa nyo.. bigyan nyo sila ng me time.. para maalagan tayo at ang mga anak natin ng mabuti,” he captioned the photo of Lara relaxing in a massage chair.

(Always take care of your spouse…give her some me time so that she can take care of you and your kids well)

Photo from Marco Alcaraz

Learn to listen more than to speak

Marco wrote in a January 30 post: “Ang magandang pagsasama ng mag-asawa ay ang pagbibigay ng mas maraming oras sa pakikinig kesa sa pagsasalita.”

(It’s important to give more time in listening than talking for a good relationship between husband and wife)

“Kaya pag may sinabi ang asawa mo ‘yes boss’ lng ang sagot mo. Tandaan walang ibang sagot kung hinde ‘yes boss’. Sigurado ako mas gaganda pagsasama nyo,” he added in jest.

(So if the wife says something, just answer yes boss. Remember there’s no other answer. I am sure you’ll have a good relationship)

Always treat your spouse with respect

Having respect for each other is important says Marco especially when the topic of money comes up.

Malalaman mo na masaya ang pagsasama nyo mag-asawa kung may respeto, tiwala at hindi pinag-aawayan ang pera. Kaya pag pera ni Mrs pera nya yun at kapag pera ni Mr pera parin ni Mrs yun,” he said.

(You know that the relationship works when there is respect, trust, and you don’t argue over money. So if the money of the Mrs, that hers and if the Mr has money, it still belongs to the Mrs)

It takes two to tango

Marco’s tips are not new for a lot of husbands but sometimes they do forget to take care of the wife. Always set aside time to be with her when you can. It takes two to tango in a relationship so treat her right and start by doing simple gestures that she will truly appreciate.

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