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Relationship Lessons We Can Learn From Gladys Reyes and Christopher Roxas

The celebrity couple, Gladys Reyes and Christopher Roxas, have been together for 29 years and their love story continues to be admired by many

We often say the phrase “truly sana all” when one finds a partner he or she considers spending the rest of their lives with. This phrase suits celebrity couple Glady Reyes and Christopher Roxas, who last January celebrated their 29th year together as a couple. Now that’s truly a milestone for many!

In an Instagram post during their anniversary, Gladys wrote: ” From the first pic, 29 years ago, to the last photo. Almost 3 decades! Yes, it’s possible! It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t perfect but our faith made us stronger, holding on to what we have that is beautiful and rare.”

But like other couples, Gladys and Christopher also have their ups and downs. They weathered many challenges most especially during the early years of their relationship. Today, the couple is blessed with four children and good careers. Gladys continues to appear on TV shows and films and helps Christopher run their businesses. Christopher also does occasional TV appearances and runs a catering service.

We narrowed down some of the lessons we can learn from their relationship. Here are four of them.

Treat the person and the people around him or her special

During a 2017 interview on Magandang Buhay, Gladys recalled that when Christopher started showing interest in her, he would treat her and the staff of the show Mara Clara with some treats.

Kasi galante to. Papaano hindi ka mai-inlove talaga… una niya magarbo magregalo,” she said. ” At tsaka hindi lang ako and pakakainin, pati yung mga staff namin, pati crew.”

(He’s really generous. How can you not fall in love when he gives special gifts. And I am not the only one he would give food to, even the staff and the crew.)

You need space from each other and having the approval of family helps

In the same 2017 interview, Christopher recalled the time when they celebrated 7 years of being together, they briefly broke up.

Dumating lang siguro na siguro yung natali ka na,” he said. (It came to a point you were tied already.)

But after a month and a half, they got together again.

Gladys then recalled that she called him to have a closure back then. The two eventually got together again but she admitted giving him a bit of a hard time.

Sabi nga kung ano yung hindi mo pinaghihirapan hindi mo pagaalagahan agad eh. May karapatan ako magmalaki, [he’s the] first and only noh!” Gladys said. (As the saying goes, if you did not work hard for it, you won’t take care of it. I have the right to be proud, he’s the first and only one.)

The actress also said that her family, most especially her mom approved of her relationship with Christopher.

Photo from Gladys Reyes

Accepting your best and worst traits

In a 2019 ABS-CBN interview where they celebrated 26 years of being together, Christopher asked Gladys how does he make her a better person.

“There’s no such thing as [a] perfect relationship but ours is so beautiful because you bring both the best and the worst out of me,” she chuckled. “Kasi hindi naman ganon palagi (It’s not always going to be that) you bring out the best in you. With that question, you already made me a better person.”

Our hearts just melted right there.

Never forget your faith in God

In the same interview, Gladys was also asked by Christopher what she liked the most about their relationship. While she said loved everything, she also emphasized the importance of their faith in God.

“It’s cliche to always say that God is the center of our relationship but that’s actually correct,” Gladys said in a mix of English and Filipino.

“Usually, we don pray together but even if we pray individually, I know you always include our family and our relationship. Because of those prayers, nothing is impossible.”

Time is a testament

For couples to make their relationship work, it’s important to give and take. It’s also important to know each other and see if you can handle respective flaws that could make or break your relationship. Time, perseverance, trust, and faith are just some of the ingredients in a relationship. And just like Gladys and Christopher, challenges will be there so it’s best to be prepared.

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