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Inno and Sheena Dy: On Serving the People and Expecting Their First Child

The young power couple opens up about their passion in serving the people of Isabela while currently expecting their first baby.

At 29 years old, Inno and Sheena Dy have already accomplished so much in life. Sheena is currently a representative of the 4th District of Isabela in the House of Representatives. Prior to this, she was a lawyer and accountant. Before entering public service, her work and advocacies have already focused on women, children, and marginalized sectors.

Meanwhile, her husband Inno is a representative of the 6th District of Isabela. His experience as the Barangay Chairman of San Fabian, Echague, and the National President of the Liga ng Mga Barangay ng Pilipinas is the reason why he is focusing on grassroots development and agriculture.

Inno and Sheena Dy on Setting their Family Goals

Due to their work in the province and in Congress, the couple lives a fast-paced lifestyle. “Time is very precious to both of us. This is why the goal for us is spending quality time with our family and making sure that we are present in every milestone of our child. Our goal is to create family memories and values that would hone their character. And that they would fondly remember when they have a family of their own.”

As of writing, Sheena Dy is 25 weeks pregnant. She shares that Inno has been very involved every step of the way—from consultations and ultrasounds to all other procedures. “I can honestly say that our relationship has gone to the next level because of our baby. We are excited to finally meet our little boy, eat sashimi again, and go back to our regular intimate nights. Though that’s probably far from true in the next couple of months. As with all first-time parents, we are trying to prepare ourselves for the delivery and the late nights of changing and feeding.”

Inno and Sheena Dy on Their First Pregnancy

The first trimester was not as smooth-sailing as the couple wanted it to be. “We had spotting and bleeding occasions and these made us more anxious. Wanting to cover all bases, I think I’ve consulted with at least six doctors just to ease my fears,” Sheena tells us.

“Talking to many other mothers and hearing stories of their difficult pregnancies gave me hope and comfort that I was not alone. More than anything, constant prayers were the key and our faith definitely was made stronger. We both are just so amazed at God’s magnificent design of how the baby develops every week. All from two cells from each of us. We have seen so many of God’s awesome creations, but nothing compares to the human body. I know that the Lord who gave me the opportunity to carry this baby will get me through all the other ordeals until this baby is out healthy and thriving in this world.”

Balancing Work and Family

The couple’s work involves a lot of traveling. This is given their sessions and committee hearings in the House of Representatives and their work in Isabela. “We both are in agreement with wanting to raise our child mainly in Isabela to experience the outdoors and be with most of our family members. The crucial first few years will be spent mostly where we are. Because Sheena aims to breastfeed the baby,” says Inno. “We’ll spend a few days in Manila for our work in Batasan but mostly in Isabela. Since Sheena is now running for an executive position in the province, this would hopefully require her and the baby to travel less if she wins the position.”

When asked how they have been preparing for the baby and if they’ve been reading any books, Sheena shares, “Yes, we have plenty of books that we devoured during quarantine. Inno’s brother has been enjoying ‘Dude, You’re Gonna Be A Dad,’ which he says is funny, informative, and gives a lighter take on first-time dads.”

Sheena has been reading Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, Jennifer Polimino and Carolyn Warren’s Praying Through Your Pregnancy, and Janet Tamaro’s ‘So That’s What They’re There For’ Definitive Breastfeeding Guide. “We are also both enjoying Tim Seldin and Lorna McGrath’s Montessori for Every Family.”

It’s evident that the soon-to-be parents are very eager. “Inno is in charge of checking the best gadgets and must-have baby devices. He has been reading reviews and he finds YouTube video reviews and product comparisons very helpful.”

Sheena, on the other hand, is more of a hard-copy kind of gal. She enjoys books more than reading reviews on the Internet. Additionally, she’s been reading breastfeeding and Montessori books for tips on effective ways of communicating with children. “Inno’s siblings all have kids already. So we’re really lucky to be given carefully chosen hand-me-down books that we found helpful in parenting.”

Dreams for Their Baby Boy

“My dream for my baby is to grow up not just in a culture of aiming for success. But a culture of kindness in every aspect of his life,” Inno shares. “For him to have every opportunity to create a meaningful life. And whatever he may want to be when he grows up, we will support him all the way.”

“I have always enjoyed cooking for my family and loved ones. And I have always imagined preparing breakfast in the mornings as much as I can. I’ve always told myself that one of my non-negotiables is that whatever it is I am doing at the moment I would drop in a heartbeat if it meant missing a milestone or an important experience with my family.”

Sheena continues, “My daily prayers would consist of praying for the development of all the organs of our baby. But more importantly, for him to have a compassionate heart for others. I pray that he will be a blessing to everyone he meets. That he would bring happiness to everyone around him. My commitment is to strive doubly hard to raise him to be God-fearing and kind. And to prioritize his well-being more than the world’s standards of success. I want to have such a close relationship with him. And to be part of all his endeavors, celebrate his victories, and never stop believing in him and what he is able to do.”

With a smile, Sheena Dy says, “As early as now, Inno and I have seen how much fighting spirit this baby has. And we can only hope to hone his character and help him become the best version of himself in all aspects of his life.”

What the Future Holds for Inno and Sheena Dy

“There are many uncertainties in our career. And we definitely still have so much we want to do for our respective constituents and for the development of our areas. Right now, it is really difficult to say where our career will take us in the next five years. But one thing is for certain. Our family will always come first and helping our fellow Isabelinos will always be part of what we do wherever the road takes us.”

It’s clear that the couple has carefully prepared for pregnancy and parenthood. “We both think it is important to be well-informed of the pregnancy, delivery, and childbirth as well as the expenses that come with having a child. But a good friend once told us that it is impossible to learn everything there is to know about becoming new parents. Because most have different experiences in parenthood. No matter how much you research and talk to parents about their experiences, you will always find circumstances that may be unique to you and your family alone. And sometimes, actually being too informed may also cause anxiety and unnecessary stress.”

“We have always believed that when the Lord calls us, He equips. So enjoy your time with your spouse, and lift all your worries and anxiety to the Lord. What is meant to happen will happen in God’s perfect time. Consider the time of waiting as a time of preparation—financially, spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, and physically. Trust in the Lord’s timing. The Lord provides.”


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