“We’re in this together,” say Karlo and Marga Nograles

In a time of lockdowns and social distancing, IATF Secretary Karlo Nograles and wife, Kaayo Founder Marga, discover that now more than ever, we are all connected.

Activities in the Norgrales residence are non-stop. As IATF Secretary, Karlo is perpetually on-call—observing shifts in the number of cases, and studying best strategies for keeping everyone safe. It is a tough job, to say the least, and his biggest critics: his children. He shares, “Especially as a member of the IATF, I could see how every decision we make as a committee has a direct impact on my kids. After a TV interview, my kids ask me the toughest follow-up questions. They made me realize that I have to work a lot harder if I want to make the country a better place for my kids to live in.”

Thinking Out of the Box For Themselves and Others

Marga, who helms artisanal fashion label, Kaayo, is also constantly thinking up of ways to provide other indigenous families and their children livelihood. She’s been an advocate for supporting and promoting local artisans for years. Since events of 2020, however, commitment to the cause was amplified. Challenges of the pandemic has inspired her to pivot “think outside of the box.” Beyond profit, the main goal for Marga has been to impart the valuable lessons of compassion to her children. She intimates, “Especially when they see me work, I hope my kids will see and understand my commitment to Kaayo—not just as a business, but as an advocacy work to help our brothers and sisters in Mindanao.”

The couple brings the same brand of attention and compassion to the home front. For Karlo Nograles, open communication is key. “I avoid dismissing their concerns because it discourages them to open up about their feelings. With everything being uncertain, there’s always a need for constant reassurance and reminder that what we do is for the greater good and safety of others.”

Invaluable Lessons For the Family

For Marga, being present allows her to juggle parenthood and business. She describes on-goings at home as full of virtual get-togethers, allowing for some form of interaction for children cooped up for prolonged periods of time. She details, “We even have regular Sunday family zoom prayer time and mass with family. Even with screen time, I really watch over them there because with everything on the internet — you can’t be too sure on how accurate something is.”

Key roles that both Karlo and Marga Nograles play in their communities and organizations also usher invaluable lessons for the entire family. Marga discerns, “We have a golden opportunity to teach our children the value of bayanihan and how we can care for others who are outside our family circle.” The couple also regards experiences of the past year as teachers, imparting values of prayer, faith and staying united. Karlo ends, “We are all in this together. As we continue to face this invisible enemy, let us unite our efforts and find ways for everyone to work together,” says Karlo.

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