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Nicole Wuthrich-de la Cruz: Making New Memories

While raising toddlers and a baby in quarantine, fitness guru Nicole Wuthrich-De La Cruz gets intimate about her most cherished moments.

Nicole Wuthrich-de la Cruz

“We have learned to be children once again,” says Nicole Wuthrich-De La Cruz. She regards the past months as an exercise that’s taught her to turn lemon into lemonade. “We are able to enjoy the slow-paced life by spending more quality time with the kids, playing with them, acquiring new skills, and setting new attainable goals,” enumerates the mom of three.

Raising Her Kids Amidst the Pandemic

Her two kids, Eisner and Qaimish, are happiest when they are busy. Creative pursuits have become avenues for them to express their emotions—especially at a time when most social engagements happen from a distance. Nicole shares, “Since they haven’t been able to see their grandparents as much, they spend some time drawing and writing their own greeting cards for them. They also make cards for our birthdays, and all the other special occasions.”

Raising a newborn in a time of the pandemic, Nicole Wuthrich-de la Cruz admits, requires extra patience, attention to detail, and vigilance. “Raising a baby during these times is not easy at all. Staying healthy and being vigilant of the proper protocols is a must,” she says. Around Hvitserk, members of the family make sure to go above and beyond the standards of safety and disinfecting.

Nicole Wuthrich-de la Cruz

Making New Memories

“My toddlers understand why we must stay home,” observes Nicole Wuthrich-de la Cruz. Some days, they look back to a time when they could play outdoors. Or visit relatives without fear of the virus. “But I realized that we are making new memories now,” smiles the fitness guru. As she and her young ’uns look towards the future, Nicole cites adventure as the first thing on the agenda. She adds, “What the kids really ask for is to be able to visit their grandparents in the province and go to the beach.”

The mom of three takes stock of lessons learned in the past months. “We’ve realized that health is really wealth. And that when faced with a problem, we have to go at it with a solution-focused perspective. Learning how to adapt and pivot is so important as we take charge of our lives and not let this pandemic bring us down.”

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