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Jerika Ejercito: Constant and Steady

For Jerika Ejercito Aguilar and her family, only faith can calm a storm as massive as a pandemic.

The past year and a half was a test of faith and fortitude, especially for At The Well founder Jerika Ejercito-Aguilar. She begins, “It has been a great ordeal for my family. My 83-year-old father was rushed to the hospital
in the wee hours of a Sunday morning. After hours in the emergency room, he was finally diagnosed with COVID pneumonia. This crushed us. Sleepless nights, anxiety-riddled tears, functioning while dazed, and constantly worried was my reality. All this while trying poorly to be well for the baby I was carrying inside me.”

Jerika Ejercito: “God is good.”

The condition of her father, former President Joseph Estrada, soon improved. Jerika shares, “God in His goodness, graciously granted our prayers and petitions for our father’s recovery.” Storms as intense as these only strengthened Jerika’s faith and resolve. “When things start to cave in, I seek God’s will for circumstance. This helps me put things into perspective, knowing that I do not live for my pleasure, but for His glory.”

Giving Birth to a Baby Girl

She gave birth to a baby girl, Marta Eleanor, in October 2021. But as they waited for the baby’s arrival, Jerika and her husband continued to bring some sense of stability and normalcy into their home. “We’ve made great efforts to stick to our pre-pandemic routine—watching movies together, playing, and learning. The only difference is that my schedule is less hectic, which is a welcome change,” she explains. Homeschooling for her eldest son, Isaiah, was difficult, but only during the first few weeks. The entire family soon calibrated and even managed to thrive given the new setup.

A Sense of Calm and Certainty

It is rare to hear about a sense of calm and certainty, especially considering turbulent times. But Jerika Ejercito affirms, “I know every mother’s challenge is the feeling of not being in control. That feeling of uncertainty. It is our nature to want our children to be safe. It is in our nature to provide love in the most unloving situations.” As it was that Sunday morning when she feared for her father’s life, faith remains her one true source of strength.

Jerika Ejercito ends, “Just like how we are towards our children so is our God towards us. He will work out everything for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28). This is the promise I hold and believe. In a world that is full of uncertainty, He remains steadfast.”

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