Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano’s Daughter Isabella Rose Turns 1

Isabella Rose Manzano, daughter of Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano turns 1 and the couple share their messages for her.

Isabela Rose Manzano is 1 year old. On Thursday, December 28, Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano shared messages for their daughter, Isabella Rose Manzano, who had an advance birthday party early this month.

“Happy 1st birthday to our little girl, Rosie! I never knew I could love like this,” Jessy wrote on Instagram. “You have taught me patience, kindness, and most of all how to LOVE unconditionally Being your mother is an absolute blessing and I cannot imagine my life without you. You are my everything, my love. Thank you for bringing joy into our lives, our little sunshine! I LOVE YOU SO SO SO MUCH, my Rosieboo.”

Blooming In Love

Luis also shared a separate post for his daughter whom he calls Peanut, whom he considered a big change in their lives. ” Mama and I love you very much anak. You are our biggest blessing…anything and everything for you Peanut… I love you.”

An early birthday party

In an Instagram post last December 7, Jessy shared that they decided to celebrate Rosie and her birthday early at the Brittany Palazzo. The party was attended by their family and friends, including Luis’ parents Edu Manzano and Vilma Santos.

Isabella Rose Manzano arrived on December 28, 2022. Since Rosie’s arrival, Jessy and Luis have been documenting their daughter’s journey, telling Modern Parenting how she changed their lives.

“We really value that progress of hers and talagang important sa amin na we give our time to her. Kasi we follow a routine every day. Same routine talaga. And every day, parang ang bilis ng progress niya,” Jessy said. “Now she communicates with us, she knows how to clap her hands, she knows how to do close-open. That itself, seeing her grow — sana hindi mabilis pero mabilis talagafulfilling yun para sa aming dalawa.”

Luis for his part, said that Rosie’s arrival has made him realize how he was raised by his parents.

“Like, ‘Ah, kaya pala ganun mommy ko. Ah, kaya pala ganun daddy ko.’ Because you know those moments when you were younger and you failed to understand why your parents acted a certain way? Sometimes, it even angers you. Then you finally understand, ‘Ah, that’s why.’ In fact, when Peanut had her ears pierced, I couldn’t even stay inside the room. Because hindi ko kaya marinig yung iyak niya. So when I told my mom about it, sabi niya, ‘Now you understand how hard it is for parents to see their child in physical or emotional pain.’”

Happy Birthday, Rosie!

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