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Join the Modern Filipiniana Movement with These Shops!

As the Modern Filipiniana fashion movement takes the world by storm, here are some local shops to buy from.

Filipiniana is no longer a fashion trend restricted to Buwan ng Wika with just bandanas, baro’t sayas, and barongs. Filipino fashion designers have revamped the styles to adjust them to the cosmopolitan moms of today. Besides, many of these pieces make excellent conversation starters when we go hang out with other moms at events. Here are some places to get your OOTD for your Modern Filipiniana assignment:

1. KAAYO Modern Mindanao PH

Casual modern filipiniana dress by KAAYO worn by its founder, Marga Nograles.
KAAYO’s founder, Marga Nograles in a Modern Filipiniana Take on A Tboli Tent Dress
Source: KAAYO IG

Owned by Marga Nograles, KAAYO elevates the dreamy woven designs of the weavers from Mindanao to create casual Modern Filipiniana wear. KAAYO keeps the story and culture of the weavers alive in each of their colorful pieces that can be matched with a simple pair of jeans or monochromatic bottoms that serve as both a treat to the eyes and to the soul of the sewing witches in every mom.

2. Vesti PH

Modern Filipiniana Bag woven in red with pearl and gold hardware.
Vesti PH’s Crimson Red Clamshell Bag from the Les Fleur Collection
Source: Vesti PH IG

When someone tells us we have too many bags, remember that there’s no such thing as having too many statement ones. Each of Vesti PH‘s woven and Modern Filipiniana bags tells a story of the weavers from the dreams of the grass-filled fields to the blooming flowers of the Les Fleur collection. From backpacks to clamshell bags, each of their pieces sparks a conversation to tell a story of why that bag is just for you. They also have a collection for kids!

3. Handwoven Beauty PH

Handwoven Modern Filipiniana Inabel Pieces
Source: Handwoven PH IG

While the first two brands are from our moms, dads, brothers, and sisters from the south, Handwoven Beauty is a greeting from the North’s Inabel. From semi-formal dresses to full-length ones, Handwoven Beauty turns the Filipiniana signature of butterfly sleeves and adapts it to a modern style by using them in suits, blouses, co-ords, wrap skirts, and many more.

4. LAKAT Sustainables

Sneakers made with Pineapple Fibers
Sneakers by LAKAT
Source: LAKAT Sustainables IG

Looking for a nice pair of shoes that won’t contribute to the landfills and still follow the Modern Filipiniana assignment? LAKAT makes its shoes from Filipino tropical fabrics and pineapple fiber yarns. They have some sneakers — both low and high cut — that work well with a pair of jeans or a dress. They also have pieces for both moms and dads that follow the trend!

5. Matthew and Melka

Matthew and Melka bag made with natural weaves, faceted turquoise, cowrie shells, wooden beads and handles with cowskin leather.
Matthew and Melka’s Carmela Basket Tote
Source: Matthew and Mellka IG

Matthew and Melka have a variety of Modern Filipiniana pieces to match both casual and formal wear. From woven totes and eyelet hairpins to also bamboo clips and woven bucket bags, they’re an internationally-recognized brand, too. Moreover, they have cute jewelry pieces made from capiz shells which are from mollusks that are native to Southeast Asia.

They’re available in SM’s Kultura Studio in Podium and have a few pieces in Rustan’s.

6. Hanap Habi

Modern Filipiniana casual wear from Hanap Habi: Chiny Zero Waste Jacket in blue
Hanap Habi Chiny Zero Waste Jacket in Blue
Source: Hanap Habi IG

Empowering moms to wear clothes with consciousness, Hanap Habi does both custom pieces and RTW. A lot of their designs are more casual than formal. They also do pillows, outerwear, jackets, tops, and other bespoke items.

There are a lot of ways to work the Modern Filipiniana style!

As moms, we don’t like big, gaudy patterns anymore—which we sadly associate with the old and traditional Filipiniana style. But the modern Filipiniana still pays homage to our local designers while staying true to our minimalist and classy taste. Because the Philippines is slowly climbing onto the international fashion stage, there are so many ways to work the Modern Filipiana style. So #supportlocal! They serve as pretty good conversation pieces, too!

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