Kids Should Not Have To Worry About Being Shot in School

#MarchForOurLives fights against the heartbreaking reality that kids are being taught how to not get shot in school.

School is supposed to be a safe space for our kids. We’re not expecting them to not come home with a messy shirt or a dirty pair of white sneakers. But we are expecting our kids to come home with no bullet holes. Unfortunately, the reality is that kids nowadays are being taught how to survive a school shooting. Especially after what was said to be the second deadliest one in US history.

Tomato Sauce, Not Bloodstains

The only time we will allow our kids to come home with bloodstains is if they scrape their knees, not with bullet holes. Other than that, all we’re expecting is tomato sauce from the cafeteria’s spaghetti and pizza on their shirts and faces. March for Our Lives pushes harder by gathering survivors of school shootings to spread awareness that the gun laws should change and what people can do to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

“If there was an active shooter, you’d all be dead,” Kayleigh bluntly tells the people in the room. Her nonchalant tone is not only shocking but heartbreaking, knowing that she didn’t have to know this kind of knowledge. But now she does. She even sings the lesson she learned from her teacher to help kids remember what to do during lockdown drills for school shootings.

“Lockdown, lockdown let’s all hide.
Lock the doors and stay inside.
Crouch on down.
Don’t make a sound.
And don’t cry or you’ll be found.”

March for Our Lives: “#Generation Lockdown”

Besides gun laws needing a great overhaul, understanding the need for violence is also a priority to end school shootings. Kids learn about violence in all sorts of ways whether emotional or physical. It can even be from mom and dad. While bullying is one of the main reasons, it’s a lot deeper than that. Today, Generation Lockdown works together with March For Our Lives to push for the Background Check Expansion Act, a law in the US that closes dangerous loopholes to make it easier to procure guns.

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