Kids Will Go To Infinity And Beyond With Lightyear

From the same studio that animated Toy Story, there’s now a spin-off featuring everybody’s fave space ranger: Buzz Lightyear.

“To infinity, and beyond!” — the signature catchphrase that has our kids wanting to shoot for the moon and stars. Ever since Toy Story came out, we remember Buzz Lightyear for his famous line. With Toy Story 2 centering more on Woody as a character, Buzz Lightyear now has his own movie and universe to expand on his character. Just like how our kids learned the origin of Woody, Pixar releases Lightyear this coming 2022.

Buzz Lightyear, every kid’s beloved space ranger

When he first appeared in Toy Story, we’re sure his character didn’t rub off very well the first time. The constant disagreements with Woody and the delusion that he was real didn’t help. However, he eventually mellowed down and even pursued Cowgirl Jessie, with Pixar hinting that there was an attraction between the two. Disney also released some animations and cartoons regarding Buzz Lightyear years ago but with the new technology, our kids will be psyched to see the new CGI animations.

A star-studded cast

For Lightyear, they’ve already released the casting roster of who’s going to play who. Voicing the beloved space ranger is Chris Evans, popularly known as Captain America in the Avengers franchise and “America’s finest butt”. We thought that his time with Disney ended with Marvel but it seems that Pixar needs Captain America to become Captain Buzz Lightyear. The animation studio is also famous for using the voice actors themselves as references to create the characters. So, we’re pretty sure Buzz Lightyear will be breaking hearts.

Besides him, there are other stars such as Josh Brolin whose voice may be familiar as Thanos in The Avengers, singer, and actress Keke Palmer, and two actresses from Orange Is the New Black: Dale Soules and Uzo Aduba.

“To infinity and beyond!”

With things slowly settling down, it seems that our kids’ highly anticipated movies are back in production. Especially if some of our kids are more sci-fi fans, they’ll appreciate Lightyear a lot more than the current line-up. Right now, the movie’s projected to come out on June 17, 2022, in the US. So for the Philippines, we might have to wait maybe a day or two for timezone discrepancies. In the meantime, you can check out the trailer Pixar posted on their YouTube channel.

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