5 Tiger Movies for Kids To Celebrate Chinese New Year

Since we can’t go out to see the tigers, we can watch some tiger movies with our kids to celebrate Chinese New Year.

It’s the Year of the Water Tiger and Chinese New Year’s right around the corner. Although we didn’t have much room for celebrations last year, we still had a chance to learn some basic Feng Shui for the Metal Ox. As we see our efforts staying home and being vigilant against Omicron and COVID-19 paying off, we can still continue the good fight by keeping our celebrations at home. So for movies on Chinese New Year, here are some tiger movies we can watch with our kids.

1. Two Brothers

Two Brothers is a heartwarming story about two brother tiger cubs who live two completely different lives. Sangha lives in a more domesticated household whereas Kumal lives the life of a circus animal. The movie tackles the issue of animal poaching and how some animals are not meant to be domesticated. While watching the tiger movie, we’re sure there will be some tear-jerking scenes that both you and the kids might have.

2. Life of Pi

A philosophical story that your teens or older kids might like to watch. Although the tiger doesn’t talk in this movie, the main character does talk to him often. Pi Patel grows close to a tiger owned by his family’s zoo named Richard Parker and the two survive the seas together. The movie talks about how as a person grows, they go through a variety of hardships and sometimes must make hard choices. Something that most Tiger-born kids won’t have much difficulty doing.

3. A Tiger’s Tail

What would happen if a tiger cub snuck into your kids’ backpack on their way home from school? That’s the question, A Tiger’s Tail, answers. A young boy finds a tiger cub named Luna who snuck into his backpack. As she starts to grow and walk around the house, he realizes that she needs to be brought back to the zoo. It’s a light-hearted comedy that we’re sure the family would enjoy especially watching the kids and his pet dog try to return Luna to the zoo.

4. Kung Fu Panda

Although the main character is a panda, the cool Tigress (voiced by Angelina Jolie) plays a big role in the said movie. As a member of the Furious Five, she’s adept in Tiger-style Kung Fu and also the de-facto of the Furious Five until Po takes his place as the Dragon Warrior. In the short episode Secret of the Furious Five, Tigress relates her backstory of how her childlike curiosity and lack of control made people afraid of her until Shifu trained her.

5. The Tigger Movie

One of the more family friend tiger movies for kids, The Tigger Movie‘s a timeless classic where Tigger, a tiger tries to find more tigers like him. He tries to find other playmates who like bouncing as much as he does but fails. As the movie goes on, Tigger slowly gets disheartened that there are no other tigers like him. But it’s here that he also finds out that family doesn’t mean everyone’s the same. But rather, accepting everyone for who they are.

Celebrate the Year of the Tiger At Home with Kids During Movie Night!

Since our younger kids aren’t vaccinated yet, we can’t bring them to the zoo without risking they’re getting infected. So, we’ll have to keep some of the celebrations at home first. There can be some tiger-themed cupcakes or cakes. Or, maybe even painting some tiger-themed drawings. It’ll definitely be a Tiggerific experience especially when the kids find joy in taking care of the domesticated cousins of the Tiger: cats!

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