Kristine Hermosa-Sotto Celebrates Kiel’s Win in Jiujitsu!

Kiel’s loudest, strongest, and most loyal cheerleaders during his jiujitsu tournament were his parents: Kristine Hermosa and Oyo Boy Sotto!

Parents will commemorate all their children’s achievements, including their first tournament. Celebrity mom Kristine Hermosa-Sotto posted her son, Kiel’s, latest achievement: his first jiujitsu tournament, and he bagged a silver medal. Most new fighters, when they start out, freeze from the pressure. But judging from the pictures Kristine posted, Kiel kept his head in the game and secured himself a place on the podium.

A Family Affair

During the event, Kiel had more than one supporter in his mom. All his siblings and his dad, Oyo Boy Sotto, attended the tournament to offer moral support. “That was a good fight! Congrats Kiel!👊🏼 2nd place😊 Thank you Lord God for keeping everyone safe. Congratulations to all Deftac Daang Hari students 👏🏼,” Oyo writes in a post on his own Instagram.

Kiel practices Brazilian Jiujitsu where the belt has both a stripe and color system for ranking. He’s currently a white belt with one black stripe, meaning he’s still starting out. But earning a silver medal despite being a beginner is a big thing especially since that means he is still going to get better.

Congratulations, Kiel!

Although it may be scary at first to let kids try out contact sports, it helps build a lot more than their strength. It also teaches them character and mastery of their own body. And though we may hesitate to sign the consent form to let them take part, there’s a lot of good in trying to compete in at least one. It’s what celebrity parents Kristine Hermosa and Oyo Sotto did for Kiel and it turned out pretty well! Congratulations, Kiel!

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