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Kyla Alvarez Suffers 4th Miscarriage: “I Can’t Put My Feelings Into Words.”

Singer Kyla Alvarez, or more known to her fans as Kyla, recently confirmed on Instagram that she suffered another miscarriage.

Kyla Alvarez, simply known to fans as Kyla, announced that she suffered another miscarriage. On Friday, June 2, she wrote on her Instagram: “You have brought me so much joy, even for a few months that I carried you within me… It was all pure joy.”

“But losing you… again…for the fourth time is unimaginable. I can’t even put my feelings into words.”

The Hanggang Ngayon singer said that it was hard for her to share the loss of her child because they didn’t even tell anyone yet about the pregnancy. “We wanted to share our excitement with our family but later on ended up sharing our grief. I am screaming and crying in my head and I couldn’t tell anyone.”

Kyla Alvarez

Kyla: It will be okay

Despite the sadness she and her family are going through, Kyla knows things will be okay.

“I thank God for his presence in my life. I thank God for touching my heart right at this moment. Every day, I have to intentionally look for just about anything that’ll make me happy. I have to constantly remind myself that God has already placed people in my life to love—people that I need in life. He has blessed me with the best ones to love and love me back. Everything else is just a bonus.”

“Lord, have it your way. I surrender all my hurt to you.”

She also gave a short message to her unborn child, saying: “I pray for you. I hope you’ve felt how much we longed for you, prayed for you, and how much we love you.”

In 2021 Kyla confirmed she had a miscarriage of what would have been a baby girl. In 2018, she also suffered a miscarriage twice—just a few months apart.

Kyla Alvarez is married to basketball player and coach Rich Alvarez. They have a son, Toby, who was born in 2013.

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