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Mother’s Day Gifts, But Make It Local With Likhang HABI

Likhang HABI Market Fair goes online for HABI Mother’s Day; an event organized by moms in support of moms, made with love for the mothers in your life. 

Philippine textile and handicrafts have long been adored by tourists the world over and locals alike. The process of making these handmade items are typically passed down from generation to generation as a means of keeping their livelihood and heritage alive. How often do we stop to think where these goods come from or how they were made? Well, Likhang HABI has made it their advocacy to shed light on these intricate handicrafts and the artisans behind them as a way to preserve and promote the local textile industry. 

This coming Mother’s Month, Likhang HABI is launching HABI Mother’s Day— an online pop-up e-commerce event in support of mothers throughout weaving communities from all over the country. They are calling attention to the weavers who collaborate on their many esteemed events, most of whom are mothers working tirelessly to support their families. 

Gifts for a cause

There’s an allure to the ornate artistry of each handmade product and a story behind each element. Recent natural disasters and the current pandemic have greatly affected the livelihoods of weavers, with many of them losing their abaca crops, weaving shelters and looms, which were completely washed away by the typhoons. HABI is committed to helping these communities rebuild their home industry and have provided them with a platform to showcase their work.     

Likhang HABI has been around for 12 years, and is a non-stock, non-profit organization well known for being the pioneer in artisan fairs and their local textile advocacy. This year, they have put together curated gift baskets especially selected as HABI Mama Gift sets for Mother’s Day. These include sustainable and ethical fashion and lifestyle products from over 28 merchants representing various weaving and local artisan communities from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

There’s something to be found for every type of mom

HABI sourced handwoven baskets from the Tagbanua basket weaving community in Palawan, which are made in the mountains located 2 ½ hours away from the city of Puerto Princesa. HABI’s gift baskets have been sorted into themes for all kinds of mothers, making sure that the contents in the baskets were sourced locally which supports the makers behind each selected piece. 

A personal and thoughtful gift that gives back, these baskets add meaning and intention for everyone involved: 

  • Stay Safe Mama : for the vigilant yet stylish mama, always prepared with safety in mind. 
    • Handwoven leather clip-on hand sanitizer holder
    • Two pieces, 3-ply Philippine cotton face masks 
    • Leather with Maranao beads and Philippine cotton tassel facemask holder
  • Kikay Zoom Mama : for the mom who loves getting made up for chats and is always happy to add to their local accessories collection 
    • Sunnies Lipstick or Lip Cheek Tint
    • Handwoven makeup pouch 
    • Handmade and locally sourced face soap made with aloe vera and coconut oil
    • Handwoven Philippine cotton scarf by Creative Definitions
  • Relax Mama : for the chill mom who love to relax or practice yoga in a calm and homey setting 
    • Handwoven Inabel Towel 
    • Cold-pressed soy candle in lavender
    • Lavender Massage Oil with infused extra virgin coconut oil, grape seed, and jojoba 
    • Handwoven buri banig yoga mat by Aklan Ati Community (sourced from Aklan)
  • Cooking Mama : for the whiz in the kitchen mama to level up her cooking essentials. 
    • Handwoven apron (full size)
    • Handwoven oven mitten 
    • Locally sourced wooden ladle and fork 
    • Handwoven binakul facemask by YakangYaka
  • Garden “Plantita” Mama: for the (aspiring?) green-thumb mom and gardening lover
    • Handwoven apron (half size)
    • HABI Philippine cotton seed kit (grow your own cotton at home)
    • Handmade citronella lotion bar in waterlily container
    • Handwoven bucket hat
  • Coffee Lover Mama: for the caffeine enthusiast mom who loves that good kick in the morning (or any time of the day) 
    • Two local coffee bags: Original Grounds Baguio Gold and Tommy’s Roasted Sagada Dark Coffee 
    • Two handwoven Yakan coasters
    • Customized fabric graphic mug by HABI Philippine Textile council

Keeping it simple? There’s more to choose from

Aside from the gift baskets, they will also be showcasing individual products from various local brands. There’s no shortage of options, so you’ll be sure to find something wonderful that all moms will truly appreciate. 


Buri and Philippine Cotton Bouquet

Bulak(lak) para kay Ina capsule collection supports the use of woven flowers made from buri leaves and cotton from local farmers.

Monica Madrigal

The Sierra Top in fresh, summer color palettes. Featuring a customized handwoven fabric created together with partner weavers from Negros Occidental.

Dako Manila

Matching handwoven fur-mom and fur-baby bucket hats that support local tailors and indigenous textiles.

Aishe Original

Handmade local footwear in support of various indigenous textile from different regions of the Philippines. 

Mang Inabel

To liven up any living space, handwoven pillow cases add a sophisticated yet natural feel.  

Make it meaningful 

With the challenges brought on by the pandemic still in full force, celebrating the moms in our lives will be a little different this year. While surprise vacations and a trip to her favorite restaurant will have to wait, she’s most likely stepped up in more ways than one since lockdown began over a year ago.

Showing appreciation by way of gifts have become more special in these trying times, and what better way to celebrate a holiday for mothers than by showering your loved ones with meaningful handicrafts in support of other moms providing for their loved ones too. 

The HABI Mother’s Day market fair is running for a limited time, happening on May 1-9, 2021. Check out what they have to offer at www.shophabifair.com

For more information, check out their socials:

Instagram: @habifair

Facebook: @HABIPhilippineTextileCouncil 

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