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5 Lipstick Shades from Local Brands Every Modern Mom Should Have

To close off Lipstick Month, here are five universally-flattering lipstick shades from local brands every modern momma should have in her arsenal.

When a busy mom is in a hurry but wants to look put together, she only needs to do two things: fix her brows and apply her favorite lipstick. Here are five universally-flattering lipstick shades from local brands we recommend.

Lipstick Shades from Local Brands for Every Modern Momma

1. Red

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t wear red lipstick. Anyone can pull this color off—as long as you have the right red one. Since most Filipino moms have morena skin or warm undertones, we suggest a cool-toned lippie like the Sunnies Face Fluffmatte Lipstick in Major. Its formula is creamy, blendable, and breathable. Plus, it has an airy, powdery finish. So it feels comfortable on the lips! Wear this powerful shade the next time you have a meeting with the big bosses.

2. Coral

Coral lipstick shades look great with bright, floral outfits. They provide a pop of color without being overbearing. A local lippie we love is the Colourette Cosmetics Colourtint in Lola. It’s a rosy coral hue that can be used not just on the lips but on the lids and cheeks as well—allowing you to create a quick, monochromatic look.

3. Mauve

lipstick shades from local brands

Sometimes, moms can get intimidated by mauve lipstick shades. This is because technically, mauve a pale purple. It also has identity problems—is it a milkier shade of lavender or more of a dusty rose? However, we’ve found a mauve shade that works. And it’s the Happy Skin Lip Slip in Snooze. It’s a nourishing yet weightless tinted lip balm that glides smoothly on the lips to offer a moisturizing boost. Moreover, it keeps dry flakes, chapped skin, and fine lines at bay.

4. Nude

Nude lipsticks are perhaps one of the most hardworking makeup products out there. They are simple but elevated. Low-fuss yet glamourous. They’re ideal for makeup minimalists like modern moms who want to look put together instantly. A nude lipstick you can try is the Strokes Velvet Click Stick in Contessa. It’s a velvet matte click lipstick that gives a flawless, rich, and pigmented pop of color for all-day wear. We love that the click stick feature ensures little to no product waste!

5. Pink

lipstick shades from local brands

Pink is another tricky color to work with at times. But with the right hue, it can make you look fresh and glowing—like the Issy & Co. Solar Balm SPF30 PA+++ in Petal. It’s designed to perform as both a tinted lip balm and sunscreen. So the innovative formula adds a subtle color with a soft matte finish while keeping the lips moisturized and protected for hours.

Time to start playing around with these lipstick shades from local brands!

Wear them out to brunches with friends, face-to-face meetings, and date nights with your partner.

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