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Making Momlife Easier With Momzilla

Plus, awesome weekly deals and steals you can’t miss!

Moms, raise your hand if you’ve been to a Momzilla fair! We know we’ve been to more than a couple and we’re totally missing them. But don’t worry — you can still partake in all the Momzilla awesomeness through its online store! Yup, we’re still able to shop for the unique Momzilla brands and finds we’ve come to love. Whoop whoop!

Special deals for the Christmas season

Who doesn’t love a good deal? This festive season, Momzilla’s having a weekly sale so you can space out those lists and purchase gifts for the kids, get the latest mommy must-haves, and stock up your pantry for mouthwatering dishes at your own pace.

Care packages because you matter

The folks at Momzilla understand that 2020’s been a rough year. Which is why they’re ending the year on a high note with care packages curated by their friends from Milk Easy, Nestle MommaLove and Bounty Fresh. Next week, they’ll be sending out packages to cheer on all the breastfeeding mommas out there, plus a delicious curated meal! It’s so awesome that it almost makes us wish we were still breastfeeding….

Want to get in on all the Momzilla fun? Head over to its website for the full lowdown.

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