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Melissa Gohing Shares the Story Behind the Birth of Her Son Ezren

Melissa Gohing recently shared the story of her son’s birth and how she and her husband Rocco Nacino were supposed to meet family before her water broke.

Volleyball player Melissa Gohing Nacino took to Instagram on Friday, October 14, to share how she and her husband, actor Rocco Nacino welcomed their son Ezren. In her post, Melissa revealed that she and Rocco were about to meet their family for dinner when the unexpected happened. Read more of Melissa Gohing’s birth story below!

“We were supposed to have shabu-shabu with Nico’s sister and her family but my water broke in the parking lot of the mall,” she wrote. “Nico and I are super grateful that Ate @ira_zen and her family were there to support us. Nico’s parents rushed to the hospital as well to help us even if they all had a trip the next day to Batangas.”

“I only stayed in the delivery prep room for more or less an hour, then they brought me to the delivery room. It was a moment when everything around slowed down—just like in the movies. Haha!”

Melissa Gohing: “It was all a blur.”

Melissa also said that it was an easy decision for her and Rocco for her to undergo a C-section delivery. “It was easy for Nico and I to decide to have a C-section instead of going through a trial normal delivery. We chose to do whatever was necessary to get the baby out safe and healthy.”

“At first, I was scared. Everything went by so fast. It was all a blur,” she added.

Melissa also mentioned that during the delivery, Rocco was allowed to enter when Ezren or EZ came out. Moreover, she admits that EZ’s cry was magical for her.

“It took a while for me to hold him in my arms because he was a meconium baby. By God’s grace, he was negative in all of the tests.”

Appreciating Rocco more

Melissa could not help but appreciate Rocco more now that he’s a father.

“My Cesarean surgery made me appreciate my husband more. I know he’s super tired because he didn’t have any help taking care of me and @ezrenraffaellonacino. Not once did I hear him complain. He was still smiling while making baby EZ calm down at 3 am!”

“I know he’s going to be a great daddy. Now, he is doing everything to be the best daddy for our EZ.”

melissa gohing birth
Photo from Rocco Nacino

It was in May when Rocco and Melissa confirmed they were expecting their first child. The couple got married in January 2021.

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