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Modern Parenting’s Father’s Day Gift Idea List 2022

No idea what to get dad for Father’s Day in 2022? Here’s a list of gift ideas from Modern Parenting.

Father’s Day 2022 is coming up and we’re probably wondering what to get dad. Dads usually aren’t vocal with what they want—leaving us with the usual going-out-to-eat type of celebration. But this time, we want to show them a little more appreciation which is why we made this list of gift ideas for dads on Father’s Day 2022:

1. A Grooming Kit

Some dads want to start a skincare or grooming regimen but can get quite overwhelmed with the products offered. Get a grooming kit with everything he needs like the Nuxe Rêve de Miel® Face & Body Cleansing Gel with the VS Sassoon Fresh-Clean Shaver S1 and BaByliss Powerlight Hair Clipper to keep the stubble away. Top it off with a nice scent from the Guess Effect Eau de Toilette. Or, go with the all-around Guess Effect Grooming Collection. It covers everything from a face wash to a luxurious shave treatment.

2. Perfume

Dads may want to change up their scents a little—especially for date nights with their wives to keep the romance alive. From the Viktor&Rolf Spicebomb Infrared to the light and fresh Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio, there are a variety to fit certain occasions. There’s also the Maison Margiela Replica Sailing Day and the floral Givenchy Gentleman Reserve Privée. Choose from an array of men’s perfumes at Rustan’s.

3. Cookware

Some dads may have been inspired by Gordon Ramsay so it’s only fair they get their own cookware. Whether it’s the Beka Maestro Stockpot to make delicious stews or the Tefal Ingenio 3-Piece Set to whip up a classy breakfast, this is the kind of equipment to help them find their inner Masterchef for a fancy Father’s Day meal this 2022.

4. Travel Bag

Dads who are always on the move or going from one hustle to the next will need a bag that can take on the beating of dragging their laptop, folders, and a variety of other things. The padded Samsonite YOUTHY-ICT Laptop Backpack 15.6″ makes the perfect carry-on bag to house laptops and other sensitive gadgets while the Reisenthel Daypack Canvas Bag works as a good bag for a quick trip to the market or for errands. For international trips, the Kamiliant KAMI 360 Spinner 55/20 works well, too.

5. Luxury Watch

Tom Ford once said, “dressing up well is also a form of good manners”. And for dads, good manners are a big deal—especially when visiting business associates or in-laws who judge not by clothes but by the accessories they wear. SEIKO has recently released a line of several luxury watches like the Spring Drive GMT 9R66 or the SLGA015.

6. Massage Chair

Some dads are not comfortable getting a massage from other people so they’d rather have a chair at home. OGAWA’s Master Drive AI Oyster Gray and Master Drive AI Genuine Leather both make a great present for dads who want a massage but are not fond of human contact. This is especially if they’re not comfy going to spas yet.

7. Model Kits

Some dads love putting things together and reliving their childhood. There are different model kits from planes, tanks, cars, and maybe a few robots but it’s something to keep them occupied. To keep the adrenaline running, some of them might even start building drones and cars just to keep themselves busy on Father’s Day this 2022.

8. Comfy Tops

Dads need new shirts—whether it’s for going out with friends or just replacing the ones they’ve been wearing for so long that we struggle not cutting them up into a rag. Jack Nicklaus has polos going at 50% off while Champion has hoodies at 10% for dads who got bitten by the runner’s bug.

9. Audio Equipment

When dads relax, they often play music to settle down. Harmon Kardon has nice speakers but if they’re looking to play their old records, Audiotechnica is offering freebies when you buy any of their turntables. Innostyle, Cross, JBL—all these brands are available at Rustan’s to give dad the ultimate concert experience.

10. A Cooking Class

Dads nowadays are taking to the kitchen so a cooking class might be a good gift. Rustan’s is offering an online cooking class in partnership with Tefal and Glad. The cooking class is called “Japanese Style Steakhouse Classics” and it’s happening on June 18 from 4 to 6 PM. To register, check out the “How to Book” highlights of on Facebook and Instagram.

Celebrate Father’s Day 2022 with these gift ideas

Father’s Day is a day we celebrate dads for having a brand of parenting that makes them our dads. They work hard but still find time to laugh and relish in the quiet moments. For 2022, dads had to step up as well—especially when work got constrained in the household. It’s time we celebrate them for the kings they are.

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