Top 6 Funny Moments with Celebrity Dads

Get a laugh out of these celebrity dads as they share their moments with their kids.

Celebrity or not, to their kids, these men are just dads. They’re the man of the house or their playmate at home. Being a dad sometimes means having to balance out a mom’s need to keep the house in order, meaning being our kids’ playmates or being the toy themselves. Here are some funny moments celebrity dads shared about their kids.

1. “One Hour Later” with Nico Bolzico and Thylane

Known for his classy humor as El Padre, celebrity dad Nico Bolzico makes it to number one on the funny list with Thylane. We moms have this fear of sometimes leaving our kids with dad because something might happen. Unfortunately, this is what happened after Tili was left with Nico for an hour. Tili wearing tribal war paint (using markers) and pompoms for gauntlets got us rolling on the floor in laughter because of the cuteness!

2. Band Practice is a Serious Affair with Jim Bacarro and Vito

Number two on the funny moments’ list is band practice with celebrity dad Jim Bacarro and his son, Vito! During one of Jim’s covers, his son, Vito, decides to join him as they cover Death Cab by Cutie’s The New Year. As Jim states, Vito understands that making music covers is a very “serious” affair.

3. “She’s After My Job” with Erwann and Dahlia

Celebrity dad and video content creator Erwann Heusaff finds himself “competing” with possibly the cutest personality on The Fat Kid Inside — his daughter, Dahlia! After writing the recipe, he adds a funny quip at the end, “She’s after my job!”

4. “As expected, I succumb” with Drew Arellano and Alana

It’s clear that Alana is really a daddy’s girl because when the waterworks happen, Drew Arellano can’t resist! Though tantrums or crying usually isn’t funny, the celebrity dad adds humor to it when he posts: “The dramatics have started, ladies and gentlemen. #AsExpectedISuccumb 😂”

5. “Having more moves than dad” with Gordon Ramsay and Tilly

Although fierce in Hell’s Kitchen, celebrity chef and dad Gordon Ramsay always had a big heart for kids and was always a big kid at heart. Even Tana knows this! A lot of his funny moments involve him being a protective dad over Tilly. But his little dance with Tilly was so hilarious that even his daughter couldn’t continue the routine!

6. “In the Hands of a Tyrant Fairy Makeup Artist” by Channing Tatum and Everly

Hollywood celebrity Channing Tatum became more famous with his lipsync battles. But even he has a few funny moments to spare as a dad! On Twitter last 2018, he posted a picture of himself with what looks to be facepaint with the tweet, “This is what it looks like when a little tyrant fairy artist holds you down and makes your face look ‘better.'”

Don’t worry, Channing, you look a lot better with Everly’s work!

The biggest job in comedy ever: being a dad

These celebrity dads know how to pull all sorts of stunts in movies. But being a parent is something else altogether! Part-time housekeeper, handyman, mechanic, and clown are all part of the job description of being a dad. There’s always just that particular flavor of humor when it comes to fathers that makes it all the more memorable.

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