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Mom-To-Be Iza Calzado Pens a Heartfelt Letter To Her Father

“Once a daddy’s girl, forever a daddy’s girl,” writes Iza Calzado.

As her due date approaches, celebrity mom-to-be Iza Calzado pens a birthday letter to her late father, Lito, hoping that her daughter inherits the warm personality he had. “I pray she inherits your warm, charming and calming energy,” writes Iza. “This same warmth you passed on to me has been one of my strengths in life.”

Iza Calzado and her late father
Source: Iza Calzado IG

Her father, the late director, choreographer, and actor Feliciano Calzado, also known as Lito, passed away in 2011 after a long fight with liver cancer.

The love found between a daughter and father

While moms and daughters have their special bonds, so do dads with their daughters. They are their daughter’s first contact with a man and are responsible for setting the bar of how a man should treat a lady. Iza Calzado and her father shared a warm and loving bond, with her also mentioning how she could imagine him “probably still dancing, delightfully grooving to the excitement of meeting your grandchild.” She writes, “I can picture your big smile. Oh, how I miss you, daddy.”

Additionally, she posted an old photo of him with his signature with a short dedication he wrote to her: “You will always be my BABY. Love, Daddy.”

A photo of Iza Calzado's father
Source: Iza Calzado IG

Dancing it out just like he would’ve wanted

Although he is not with her physically, Iza Calzado knows that her father will be there for her and Bun Bun. “I pray you envelop us in your love and help keep both Bun Bun and me safe during birth. We want to feel you with us, dad,” she writes.

Every pregnancy journey all the way to birth can be an anxious waiting game. But Iza knows that there is one way her father would have helped her handle the mixed feelings of joy and anxiety. “Will celebrate by dancing my way through the last few moments of my pregnancy the way you would want me to!” She adds, ” Happy Birthday! Love you, Daddy! 🕺🏾🌟🥰.”

Iza Calzado announced her pregnancy last August 12, 2022, sharing how her baby was the plan for her at 40 years old.

Her message to her late mom on November 28 also hinted that she was expecting a baby girl.

She recently held a baby shower on January 7, 2023 at Okada

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