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New Despicable Me 4 Trailer Showcases a Fun-Filled Heist for the Family to Enjoy!

The Despicable Me series comes out with a fourth installation that features a new action-packed and fun-filled experience for the family!

The Despicable Me film series once again offers comedy and action-packed family fun as Universal Pictures Canada and Illumination just dropped the trailer of Despicable Me 4 today on their official YouTube account.

After adopting the three girls—Margo, Edith, and Agnes—and finding their mother in super-spy Lucy, Gru is living the dad life, with the two even welcoming a son: Gru Jr.!

Despicable Me 4 teaser poster
Source: illuminationent Instagram

What we know about the movie

Based on the trailer, Despicable Me 4 is all about Gru and Lucy making the most out of their family life. However, the life of espionage calls them back when Anti-Villain League (AVL) chairman Mr. Ramsbottom—who debuted in Despicable Me 2—breaks their peaceful life and warns Gru and Lucy that their family is in danger.

Why? The new villain, Maxime Le Mal, has broken out of jail. And he has beef with Gru!

While Oscar nominees Steve Carrell and Kristen Wiig are reprising their roles as Gru and Lucy, voicing the new villains are star-studded celebrities Saturday Night Live‘s and Barbie‘s Will Ferrell as Maxime Le Mal, and Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara as Maxime’s femme fatale girlfriend, Valentina.

But more new voices will be joining the Despicable Me series family with The Kissing Booth series‘ Joey King voicing Bullet Train, and night show hosts Stephen Colbert from The Late Night with Stephen Colbert and Saturday Night Live’s Chloe Finman joining the cast. As for who the two-night show hosts are voicing, the producers and directors haven’t announced yet.

Much of Gru and Lucy’s missions didn’t involve the kids, but Despicable Me 4 appears to involve everyone, including Gru Jr.! And it looks like the Minions will babysit the girls again—which, as we all know, will be hilariously cute yet eccentric.

When is Despicable Me 4 coming out in theaters?

According to the YouTube channel and with no other dates announced, Despicable Me 4’s global release date is on July 3, 2024. The studio also teased the audience with a prior announcement of Despicable Me‘s fourth installation last February 2022. Meanwhile, spin-off movies, like Minions, help maintain the hype.

Looks like a lot of kids’ movies are coming out this 2024, which we’re sure the family would like to watch!

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