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Migration the Movie: Why Risks Matter

Migration, a movie under Illumination and distributed by Universal Pictures, is a family-friendly film with a compelling story to tell and lessons to learn from.

Looking for a movie to watch with the family? Illumination’s latest animation Migration is a story of a family of ducks’ adventure led by Dad Mack (voiced by Kumail Nanjiani), Mom Pam (voiced by Elizabeth Banks), and their kids Dax (Caspar Jennings), and duckling Gwen (Tresi Gazal).

Migration the movie, however, is more than just about the family’s adventure. It also tells us that sometimes risks can take you to where you are supposed to be.

Migration the movie ducks
Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

Hesitation and comfort zone

Whether you are a parent or a child, there is this sense of security in sticking to the status quo. After all, we feel comfortable with what we do or the location we are in. In the case of Mack, he was reluctant to leave their pond for the sake of their safety—given that there are so many predators out there.

But upon the visit of other migrating birds heading to Jamaica and the encouragement of Pam, Mack went for it and flew with his family and uncle.

Along the way, they encountered many mishaps and befriended a group of pigeons led by Chump (Awkwarfina). She then led them to a scarlet macaw named Delroy (Keegan Michael Ray), who is homesick for Jamaica. But to free Delroy, they have to rescue him from the chef. Mack and Pam find themselves in some hilarious situations to rescue Delroy, whom they eventually free and guide to Jamaica.

Migration the movie angry birds
Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

Learning to be brave and fight

The thing is, it’s not just about taking risks. Dax has been wanting to prove to his dad that he can help, which Mack often sets aside—saying that it’s up to the adults to handle the situation. When the chef captures Mack, Pam, and their other Pekin friends, Dax and Gwen hatch a plan to rescue them. Dax also creatively improvised his wings after sustaining an injury to help rescue his parents.

After freeing their parents, Delroy, and their Pekin friends, Dax and Gwen join them to fly to Jamaica and finally arrive. Mack, sensing his son was ready asked them to lead the take-off to Jamaica.

The situation just proved that sometimes it pays to trust the kids because they can help.

Migration the movie flying bird
Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

Adventure and realization

Through the end of the film, Mack thanked Pam for making him open his eyes. If they did not take the risk to go to Jamaica, they would not see the world and meet friends. They would not be able to interact with other people.

Making decisions can be tough but in the end, sometimes taking risks is worth it. After all, there is so much to be learned by families from their ups and downs.

Migration the movie pekins
Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

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