Rewind is a Reminder for Couples That Time is of Essence

The Rewind movie tells a tale about one’s true love. But the core story is more than love: it’s about spending time with your loved ones.

When Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera announced they were doing another film together, fans were ecstatic! It has been a decade since their last movie together and Rewind was not just an opportunity to work again with Star Cinema for Dingdong. Marian on the other hand was excited to work not just with her husband but also with director Mae Cruz Alviar.

The Rewind movie has been a big hit in cinemas since its release on Christmas Day. While it has been promoted as a movie to spend with one’s true love, it’s a film that parents should also watch and hug their kids after.

Here are some lessons that the movie teaches:

5 Lessons from Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes’ Movie, Rewind:

Source: Rewind

It’s important to give time for yourself

In the movie Rewind, Mary (Marian) has devoted all of her time to being a mother to Austin and being a husband to John (Dingdong). She forgot herself in the process but later decided to accept a job in Singapore. Her dialogue with John is a reminder that there is nothing wrong with taking care of oneself. Most especially when it can make him or her a better person.

Attitude matters!

Attitude plays a big role in success and we see how John suffers quite a pitfall because of his hot temper and arrogance. As he fights to climb the corporate ladder in the wine business he’s in, someone else gets the promotion he wants. Unfortunately, the following events prompt him to make bad decisions. The stress takes its toll as he drinks until completely drunk, fights with his boss, kisses another girl, and later fights his wife — Mary.

Like in everyday life, how you get along with people matters. Being grateful and humble can play a big role in why things happen the way they do. After all, there may be a reason why it did not materialize.

How you treat your child is important

Source: Rewind

We have been told time and again to spend as much time as we can with our kids. In Rewind, John had not only neglected Mary in the movie but also his relationship with his son Austin, making the child ask Lods or Mang Jess (Pepe Herrera) for time with him. When Lods grants him time to make things right, John eventually mends his ways with Austin, telling him he’s proud of his son’s talent as a pianist.

The bond between mother and child is important but it’s also important to point out that a child will always need his or her father’s guidance.

There is always a reason for everything

While the movie Rewind‘s premise clues us regarding John and Mary’s fate, it reminds us that there is a reason for everything in any situation. Not everyone gets a happy ending but the events in one’s life can decide whether to make it better or worse. And it’s up to us on which side to choose.

Make time for your loved one no matter what

Because society demands we move fast, there are instances wherein we forget the little things that matter in our lives. Time with family matters. Being with loved ones matters. When one is given a second chance, don’t waste it and work on what needs to be worked on.

Check out the trailer for why Rewind is a must-watch movie!

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