5 Nursery Room Essentials to Guide First-Time Parents

If you’re a first-time parent in the process of building your nursery room, here are some essentials to consider!

Apart from packing your hospital go-bag in preparation for labor, another thing to tick off your checklist is putting together the nursery room. From the overall design down to the little items your baby will be using, here’s a list of nursery room essentials to prep or invest in.

5 Nursery Room Essentials for Your Baby

1. 3-in-1 Crib, Co-Sleeper, and Playpen

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First on the list that we recommend is a versatile crib. Many brands offer ones that can also turn into a co-sleeper and playpen. Those with limited space prefer this as it can grow with their baby. During the first few months when it’s highly recommended for mothers to share a room with their babies to prevent SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), the co-sleeper function definitely comes in handy. It even promotes successful breastfeeding because of the convenient setup for moms. When your little one begins to crawl, you can convert the crib or co-sleeper into a playpen!

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We like the Joie Kubbie Sleep and Bambina Portacrib. Both come in neutral designs that can elevate the aesthetic of your nursery.

2. Multi-Purpose Storage Cart

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Up next is a multi-purpose storage cart where you can place items you’ll be using frequently. These include nappy essentials and body care products. You can easily wheel this around the nursery room for instant access!

3. Changing Table

Changing a baby’s diaper happens so often that you’ll want a proper table to avoid back pains. But if space is limited in your nursery room, you can invest in a foldable changing table instead. Some of these even come with wheels so it’s convenient to move around. There are many affordable options on Lazada and Shopee.

4. UV Sterilizer

Definitely a must for every nursery room—a UV sterilizer. There are multipurpose ones that can fit up to 12 bottles at a time. They’re also convenient for sterilizing small toys, breast pump parts, and even your phone.

5. Air Purifier

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Air purifiers have many benefits. It prevents asthma and allergic rhinitis, eliminates harmful chemicals, neutralizes unpleasant odors, reduces the chance of airborne diseases, and improves sleep. Placing one inside your nursery room can keep your baby safer and help him or her sleep better!

Other Nursery Room Essentials

Aside from these big-ticket items, it’s important to have the following as well:

  • Cozy lounge chair to make breastfeeding more comfortable
  • Nail care tools to keep your baby’s nails short and avoid scratches on their faces
  • Citronella stickers or patches to prevent mosquito bites
  • Boppy pillow to aid your baby during tummy time
  • Floor mat if you plan to stay on the floor during playtime
  • Waterproof mat to keep your changing area clean and dry
  • Drawers and cabinets to keep your baby’s clothes and toys
  • Baby-friendly disinfectant spray to keep their things sanitized

Of course, the things in your nursery room will vary depending on your baby’s needs. But having these is a start!

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