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PBB7’s Badjao Girl Rita Gaviola Pleads to the Public: “Leave my baby alone!”

Rita Gaviola, also known as Badjao Girl, is now a mother to a baby girl.

Rita Gaviola, famously known as “Badjao Girl” from Pinoy Big Brother Season 7, recently took to social media to announce the birth of her baby girl. She posted a picture of herself and her baby and then another with the whole family including her non-showbiz boyfriend. While many of her fans congratulated her, there were some hecklers that bashed her for being a mom.

Source: Rita Gaviola’s Instagram

Keep the baby out of it!

Although many of the negative comments disappeared from her posts, it’s clear that the hecklers had a lot to say. So much that Rita Gaviola even made a separate post to address them. “Sabihan ninyo lang ako masasakit na salita kahit laitin niyo ako okay lang saakin. Basta wag ninyo lang idamay ang anak ko tatanggapin ko lahat ng masasakit, wag lang anak ko 🙏😇🙃,” she writes.

[“It’s okay to say all the painful things to me. To blame me. But don’t bring my baby into this. I accept all of it but leave my baby alone!”]

Despite the bashers, many people came to her aid and empathized with her plight as a mom.

Rita Gaviola's fans applaud her for protecting her baby.

Many told her to just “ignore the bashers”.

Some moms prefer to keep their pregnancy private.

It’s easy for people to bash moms on social media because of this strange premise and idea of what a mom should be. She’s supposed to look stressed with mismatched sweats. Her hair is up in a messy bun or ponytail, with eye bags that suggest she hasn’t had much sleep. And so what if Rita Gaviola wanted to keep her pregnancy private? She had her reasons and we should just respect them. Nonetheless, congratulations to Rita Gaviola on her new baby girl!

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