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This Plus-Sized Model and Mompreneur Hopes to Empower Others

Arramaine Serrano, also known as Kittyarra, inspires other moms by sharing her story as an entrepreneur, plus-sized model, and body positivity advocate.

Body changes will always be a part of a mother’s journey. But Arramaine Serrano, or Kitty as she is fondly called, believes that these changes don’t have to be a bad thing. She embraces them by advocating for body positivity and loving herself despite the flaws. Kitty is also a plus-sized model, food and lifestyle content creator, and the founder of Cafe Twenty Fifth—a coffee shop based in Bataan that serves scrumptious pasta, bread, cakes, and pastries. Moreover, she’s the founder of Island Wear by Aria—a premier swimwear brand that caters to moms and daughters.

Arramaine Serrano, also known as Kitty, with her daughter

Finding the balance

On top of running her businesses, she is a full-time, hands-on mom to two children: a 5-year-old daughter and an 11-month-old son. “One of the toughest parts about being a mom and running a business is figuring out my daily routine as a content creator and entrepreneur without a helper,” she shares.

Because of her hectic schedule, she makes sure to take care of herself so that she can also take care of her family. “My strategy in taking care of my two kids while taking care of myself is to accept, to never by shy to ask for help, and to take a break. Sometimes, admitting that you need help is tough. But it’s important if you have an infant and a preschooler.”

Arramaine Serrano, also known as Kitty, with her family

Kitty adds that her self-care rituals include reading books, listening to podcasts, and taking hot baths while her little ones are asleep. “Setting aside time for me and my spouse is important as well,” she explains. “As much as possible, we prioritize date nights! Even just at home. Because as parents, we tend to forget that our relationship needs some attention, too! My partner is also supportive whenever I’m hankering for some time alone. He always makes it a priority especially whenever I want to get a massage, a wax session, a facial, or hang out with friends. This is my way to balance taking care of my two kids while taking care of myself.”

Arramaine Serrano, also known as Kitty

Advocating for body positivity

Kitty is the first to admit that she does experience low moments. But to overcome them, she has established routines that have led to healthy habits. “Routines usually lead to habits. Once the habit is there, it’ll continuously keep you moving forward through specific actions. Without an established routine, it’s too easy to lose track of what you’re doing. You waste time and it leaves you feeling unnecessarily stressed. Just always make habits using routines to help push you through the unmotivated times.”

Part of her routine is practicing self-care. “It is normal to have down days where you can’t seem to do anything right. But feeling insecure or sad about how you look can take a toll on every aspect of your life,” she points out. “Take care of your needs first. Get a massage or a facial. Do your workout. Listen to inspiring podcasts. Read books. This helped me counter negative thoughts and build up my self-worth.”

Spending time with people who mean a lot to her and surrounding herself with loved ones helped build her confidence as well. “They make you feel accepted for who you truly are.”

But the most important thing is to accept yourself and the shape and size of your body—because this is also what makes you unique. “All of us deal with insecurities on some level. And it makes a huge impact on us daily. Believe me, I’ve been there! Building confidence and self-esteem isn’t always easy. It will really take time. But the end result is always worth it.”

Arramaine Serrano, also known as Kitty

Empowering plus-sized models and moms

Being a plus-sized model, mom, entrepreneur, and content creator has truly given Kitty the platform to inspire and encourage others. With over 16,000 followers on Instagram, Kitty has worked with a lot of brands. One message she advises is to never compare yourself to others. “It’s a waste of energy,” she says. “You are unique in your own way and have your own gifts to offer the world.”

“Curvy models need to ooze confidence. Plus-size modeling is all about body positivity and you have to have that conviction. You have to be comfortable in your own skin.”

Kitty is aware that there is still a stigma when it comes to being plus-sized. “Your weight, body shape, skin color, skin type, your clothes size, your scars. None of it defines who you are as a person. Always remember you deserve to show it off without any fear or judgment.”

Arramaine Serrano, also known as Kitty

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