Princess Consing: Seeing The Beauty Found In Pressure

Mompreneur Princess Consing shares how she maintains her grace and beauty even under pressure.

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The idea that beauty is only found in aesthetics is something the CEO of JLopez MD and Agua Brazillian Princess Consing contests. “Beauty is a woman showing confidence when put through any kind of test. You learn things from pressure and so as you encounter life’s challenges, you become wiser and more resilient,” she shares. “And in resilience, there’s beauty.

As a single mom, Princess is no stranger to dealing with the pressure of both parenting and running a business. But how does she complete it with grace and class?

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Defining Modern Parenting Through The Art of Being Mindful of Change

CEO by day and mom by night — Princess admires the beauty in the challenges of being a modern parent from the rewards that translate through her daughter, Elle. “Modern parenting evolves as your child and career grow. Work-life balance as a modern parent can be challenging but I work to be able to provide for her so it’s rewarding for me to see the fruits of my labor being translated through her.”

It is with this same optimism that she intends to face what most parents dread about parenthood: the transition from tween to teen.

Photos from Princess Cosing

“I’m a very optimistic person so I’m really looking forward to her transitioning from tween to teen because I want to treat my child as my best friend. Her growing up would mean that she would start to mature and become more independent, which excites me so much,” she admits. “I’m eagerly anticipating it since Elle is my only child so she has the tendency to mature slowly. Her being exposed to her classmates as a teen means that she will start to become more outgoing and curious about the outside world.”

The highlight of Princess Consing’s ability to maintain her inner grace and class lies in the art of being vigilant of change. “The similarities between parenting a tween and running a business, it’s in the art of being constantly on the lookout for key changes. It aids me in being more problem-solving oriented towards achieving success,” she fondly explains. “It’s really similar to parenting; there are always issues that you need to address as your child grows.”

Beauty Blooms When Addressing the Source of the Issue

When addressing each of the different issues of both parenting and business, Princess Consing believes in finding the source to make its true beauty translate outside. “JLopez MD is not a beauty clinic; it’s a health and wellness clinic. We treat the underlying causes of aging and chronic illness, rather than just treating symptoms that other clinics are offering. We focus on getting optimal, long-lasting results without having to deal with side effects from the usual traditional treatments. Our goal is to bring the best of you from within, which translates to the best of you outside.”

And once the beauty shines outside, there’s a boost in confidence. Princess Consing knows that the test of the newfound confidence can be quite difficult. Most especially in finding swimwear where a woman’s beauty is at one of its most exposed forms.

“I am proud to say that Agua Brazilian is still providing luxury swimsuits of the best quality with exclusive prints and figure-flattering structure for all body types for years. We understand how hard it can be for moms to find the perfect swimsuit that compliments their bodies. But we’re here to make all moms look and feel good in their swimsuits because it can, at most times, be stressful for women to wear a bathing suit in public!”

But for her, nothing brings out a woman’s inner beauty best than the right shade of red lipstick. “As the quote says, ‘Give a woman the right red lipstick and she can conquer the world.’ So I would categorically invent the right shade of red lipstick,” she laughs.

Besides the many innovations, her beauty blooms with this secret ingredient.

But it’s with a grateful heart that Princess Consing continues to bloom and manifest the grace and beauty she is known for. “Aside from Dr. Lopez’s help, I’d say that I have a grateful heart. A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles, so I am able to manifest a lot of things that I want in life. I also live in a constant state of gratitude. I find happiness in giving back and helping other people, so I can say that being happy is the best free anti-aging secret recipe for making one look and feel beautiful.”

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