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Pregnancy Fitness Notes We Got From Rachelle Q. Love

A few reminders on fitness and pregnancy from fitspiration Rachelle Q. Love.

A lot of pregnant moms believe that working out is a bad idea due to the intensity. Many also believe that women are as fragile as glass when pregnant. While it’s true that they are vulnerable when carrying a child, working out while pregnant has positive, long-term effects. If in the process, here are some quick reminders for pregnancy workouts from Rachelle Q. Love.

1. Focus on safety and long-term athleticism

Fitness is often associated with “burning the unwanted fat” but pregnancy requires moms and women to take in an adequate amount of calories for the baby. Fitness can also focus on making you more mindful of your body, which can eventually help with labor.

2. Scale appropriately

The intensity, number of reps, and even the type of workout will change depending on what stage of pregnancy you’re in. Rachelle Q. Love, being halfway through her pregnancy, focused on strength and stamina rather than cardio. “The goal is to keep going until I give birth — adjusting and adapting along the way to move mindfully and intentionally,” she writes.

3. Being mindful of which exercise has risks and rewards

It’s tempting to do a lot of abdominal workouts especially when you start to swell up. But not all abdominal workouts can be safe. Some workouts might put you and the baby in danger. Rachelle Q. Love shows how some of her low-risk workouts focus on the arms and legs instead. But before doing what she’s doing, consult a coach or your doctor for the go signal.

Photo from Rachelle Q. Love

Striking that right balance in being fit and pregnant

Pregnancy often has women panicking the moment there’s even an inch of movement, making fitness go on the back burner. Especially for those who have gone through high-risk pregnancies, being fit may be the last thing in their mind. But in the journey of growing a human being, Rachelle Q. Love shows that it’s possible to work out with the right mindset and support.

Photo from Rachelle Q. Love

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