5 Reasons Why Kids and Teens Love Anime

What’s so great about anime that our kids and teens can binge watch until late hours in the morning? Here are some reasons why kids and teens love anime.

We’ve been pretty wary about anime especially on how unrealistic it can be. The screaming, the high-pitched voices, the big eyes, the fan service — it definitely raises a few red flags when we catch our kids and teens watching anime. But no matter how many times we discourage them, they’ll still find a way to watch it on Crunchyroll or YouTube. So, we’ve asked a few kids and teens why they love anime so much.

Reasons Why Kids and Teens Love Anime

1. Kids and teens love the catchy anime theme songs

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Just like how K-Pop is catchy, so is J-Pop. Granted that our teens, kids, and even we can’t understand what they’re singing, anime often uses shortened songs for both the opening and closing theme. The catchy, upbeat song gets our kids’ and teens’ attention, and combined with flashy images of the characters fighting or doing something amazing, the more they’ll love watching.

2. They can relate with some of the characters

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The majority of anime’s main characters are usually teens or kids. There are some adult characters but they’re normally supporting characters. If your kids or teens are able to identify with the main characters in anime, all the more they’ll want to watch it. Especially during a traumatic time like this, they’ll want to see characters around their age who prevailed even with the odds stacked against them. Anime shows kids and teens their age that they can trump over any adversity.

3. Flashy moves and colors

Just like how there’s the action movie genre in Hollywood, anime has the action/adventure genre that our kids and teens love watching as well. You’ll probably recognize the terms “Demon Slayer” or “Attack on Titan” if ever you hear them talking about it. The majority of the time, they do some superhuman stunts and they have a lot of plot armor that prevents them from dying throughout the series. It’s also here that your teens and kids might learn some interesting Japanese words. They might even use it to communicate messages across!

4. There’s a bit of wholesomeness, too

If there’s K-Drama then, there’s also J-Drama. Anime isn’t just all about magic and violence. There are some anime series that are filled with slice-of-life moments and romantic wholesomeness. Just like how we like those sweet moments where couples walk together under an umbrella while it’s raining, or holding someone’s hand, some animes have our teens and kids squealing in delight.

5. Their friends are into it

The biggest driving force of our kids and teens loving anime might be from their friends. In order to continue staying in the group and to keep identifying with them, they’ll continuously follow what their friends are into. The good news is, anime is harmless as long as they know how to control how many episodes they watch in a day or if they’re watching the age-appropriate genre.

Kids and Teens Love Anime for Different Reasons

Whether it’s because of friends or being genuinely interested in it, anime can be both a good and bad thing. Like all things, there needs to be a limit on how much they take in. With them already binge-watching Netflix shows, K-Dramas, or whatever they like watching, we’ll just have to help them control how much they take in. The story can be increasingly addicting but it’s not worth losing their sleep over!

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