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3 Reasons Why Vilma Santos Will Be the Coolest Lola

We can’t wait to see Vilma Santos become the coolest grandmother to Luis and Jessy’s baby girl.

After Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano revealed that they were going to have a baby girl, it’s no surprise that Hon. Vilma Santos is as excited as the two are. In one of her vlogs, the multi-hyphenate actress and her former husband, Edu Manzano, were just full of emotion. And in her most recent vlog, she revealed how excited she was to meet her apo (grandchild).

Besides that, here are some reasons why Vilma Santos will make the coolest lola.

1. She hoped for another one that’s Team Girl.

Although she’s happy with both Ryan and Luis, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have dreams or a bucket list of things she wished to do if she had a daughter. With a baby girl on the way for both Jessy and Luis, she now finally gets to complete or get started on that list. One of them even includes “dressing Peanut up”.

2. Who wouldn’t want a superhero for a grandma?

Vilma Santos played one of the most beloved heroes in Philippine pop culture, Darna. We can imagine her granddaughter running around and bragging to the kids in the playground. “My grandma was Darna!” or “Mamsy Vi was Darna!” — it’s not just wholesome. It’s empowering.

3. She’ll always have stories to tell.

Known as the “Star for All Seasons”, she’s sure to have a lot of stories about her career as an actress. If ever her granddaughter wants to get into entertainment, Vilma Santos will be a wonderful mentor. Or, if her granddaughter wants to be more pro-social about her activities, she was the governor of Batangas. The possibilities are endless!

Photo from Luis Manzano

It’ll be a lot of good times with Mamsy Vi!

Already coining the term Mamsy Vi for her granddaughter to call her, we’re sure there will be a lot of good times. Although Vilma Santos herself isn’t sure what kind of grandmother she’ll be, we’re sure that once Peanut is born, everything will fall into place. And no matter what, the little Peanut will always consider her the “coolest lola ever”.

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