4 Things to Remember When Buying New Clay for Kids

Not all clay is made the same! Here are some tips to consider when choosing a brand of clay for your kids.

The use of clay is something we encourage our kids to do. It helps them fine-tune their motor skills, helps with their sensory exploration, and exercises creativity. But not all clay is safe.

Last March 22, The Philippine Food and Drug Association (FDA) issued a warning regarding the use of a clay brand called Joy Multi-Colored Clay. In the advisory, the FDA discourages people from buying the brand as it had “no valid Certificate of Product Notification (CPN) as of March 12, 2024.”

This reminder also cautions people to check the brand and the ingredients as some can be hazardous to your kid’s health. So how do you choose the brand of clay for your kids? Here are four things to consider when buying for your kids to use.

1. Consider the clay that’s suitable for your kids.

There are different types of clay to choose from. You have play dough—a classic one often used by toddlers—air-dry clay, and oil-based clay, to name a few. If you’ve enrolled your kids in play school or pottery classes, you can always ask their teachers about the clay they use for their safety.

2. Check if it’s approved by the FDA or any governing body for safety.

The clay you buy for your kids must be inspected by the FDA. If they’ve given a seal of approval on a product, it means it passed their inspection. You can always check on their website for products that have warnings to avoid buying them due to possible toxic ingredients.

3. Check the ingredients of the clay!

We often forget it but it’s important to read the labels of products. Make it a habit to always check the ingredients to see if it’s harmful to your kids.

There are some non-toxic types of clay, which is good for kids! The good thing is that because of the wide availability of non-toxic clay, you won’t have to be nervous anymore. But remember to be watchful of your kids when they start using the clay.

4. Check for expiration dates, if any.

You may say it’s clay, which comes from soil, but you never know! Just like any product, it may have some expirations, so make sure to check it.

If it is past the date, dispose of it immediately. Remember—the safety of your kid is always more important than getting anything that may cause harm to his or her health.

Be cautious and always be watchful.

Using clay is part of a child’s growing years and it does wonders for their development! But supervision is important, so always remember to be there when they’re using it. When left unsupervised, they might attempt to put it in their mouth or accidentally eat it!

The main goal is to learn, play, and have fun. You wouldn’t want your child to have a tummy ache or end up in a hospital. So again, be very, very vigilant.

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