5 Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Here are simple tips you can do to protect your kids from criminals online and keep their online space safe

Technology has been a friend and a foe to parents. It has helped them in communicating with their kids but it also has become a concern because of criminals online. Children are often the victims online because of their vulnerability and innocence. Because of this, more organizations are working to make online space safe for kids.

While we cannot stop them from accessing the internet, we can help in protecting them from online predators. Here are five important tips that parents can do to make things safe for their kids online.

Use fun and safe password

Kids today love accessing social media such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter. Make sure to create passwords that protect their information.

In coming up with passwords, make sure to deviate from using birthdates, numbers that are easily memorized. When a default password is given, change it immediately.

Use access codes

If you’re using tablets or mobile phones, best to put access codes. It’s basically like using a two-step verification process so that it can limit people from using the device in case your kid leaves it lying down while you are out.

Update programs if necessary

Mobile apps have been consistent in updating their software from viruses and malware. Make sure to update and upgrade your apps and tools so that information you have or that of your kids will be protected. Remember that data these days is money. Protecting privacy is a huge deal.

Think before clicking to avoid ‘phishing’

Cybercriminals have become smart in trying to obtain kids’ and parents’ information by disguising their crime via simple clicks. Before even clicking, think if the mail, message, or link is from a reputable source. Phishing has become so rampant that it’s best to make sure that the messages you’re getting are from people you know and are aware of.

Careful who you talk or chat with online

The internet opens a lot of opportunities to meet friends but there are those who are also looking for people they can victimize. While some can be nice, you can never tell. Always talk to your kids as much as you can regarding the people they meet and if you have a feeling it’s not right, then talk to them and check out if the people they are talking to have dark intentions.

Guidance is important

You cannot chain your kid and protect him or her forever but you can offer guidance. Kids will make mistakes eventually but what’s important is that you have not stopped reminding them because their safety is important in these times.

Like in Ben and Ben’s song “Mag-Ingat” make sure to fact-check and research.

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