Instagram Releases a Parents’ Guide For Online Safety

Working together with specialists, Instagram releases “A Parent’s and Caregiver’s Guide to Instagram” while enhancing security for teens.

Throughout the pandemic, social media helped teens fight FOMO. It bridged the physical distance and helped them find their tribe when everyone was isolated. While social media provided a safe space for them to express themselves, there are still those who are hostile. To safeguard kids as they transform into global netizens, Meta through Instagram released A Parent’s and Caregiver’s Guide to Instagram to help teens surf through social media safely.

Instagram Parent’s Guide

New Features on Instagram

As they say, “an image speaks a thousand words” in which those who post their pictures share their lives with others. Instagram created an avenue for teens to express themselves through images. They find other like-minded individuals who can share their positivity with them and vice-versa. From these interactions, teens develop their online identity and prove that social media is more than just a cesspool of risks.

“With teens being the majority to use Instagram, we created features such as message filters and break notifications to make sure social media is safe for them,” mentions Philip Chua from Instagram during the conference. “We also discovered that many teens keep their accounts private while surfing.”

The new features help filter the content and lessen the possibility of kids being “groomed” — a common tactic used by people who wish to take advantage of kids — and cyberbullying.

Account Privacy
Message Controls
Take a Break

Parents’ Role on Online Safety

“We need to accept that social media works for everyone. Not just teens and kids,” shares Sheila from Plan International Philippines. “We need to accept that it’s also part of our, we parents, world. We cannot leave them alone in the digital world. Parents need to take a more active role in accompanying their kids.”

Doug and Chesca Kramer along with Kendra, known more as Team Kramer, share how parents can stay involved with social media even by balancing the limitations and the fun. “As parents, we know what’s best for our children,” shares Chesca. “But we also have to show that while we’re establishing our boundaries, we can be fun too. It’s a delicate balance but it’s all about keeping open communication with them especially about social media.”

Doug also shares that social media’s biggest risk is how it can cause depression due to a lack of validation. “When I talk to Kendra about these things, I always remind her not to get validation from the number of likes, comments, or shares. Get validation from those who know you — like your loved ones.”

Spread positivity on social media

Instagram created Parents’ Guide for Online Safety to show that social media can be a greater force of good. Just as social media can be negative, it can also be positive to gain support for important causes. Although our teens want a sense of independence, there has to be open communication that they can trust us to respect their thoughts. As Team Kramer says, “It can’t be a one-sided conversation. Let your kids share their thoughts with you so you can guide them through the digital world.”

For those who want a copy of the Parents’ Guide, you can download it from Instagram’s website.

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