How Renewing Wedding Vows Keeps the Love Between Parents Alive

Reliving our magical wedding moments by renewing our vows reminds us that we’re in it together for the long haul.

In the Philippines, some people may feel that they don’t need to renew their vows because weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event. The vows we made during our wedding to our partners are what we felt would help us, our partners, and our families thrive in an ever-changing world. But because of the hustle and bustle of maintaining a household, a career, and a happy family, we forget them.

It’s why some of us renew our vows—we do so to remember, remind, and celebrate the reasons we stuck through it all in the first place.

Does it need to be a grand celebration? Not really. Sometimes, just saying your in front of one another with a whisper during a Valentine’s date is enough. But, there’s nothing wrong with re-enacting the magic like how Heart Evangelista and Chiz Escudero did for their 9th anniversary which followed after the style icon celebrated her 39th birthday.

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Renewing Vows: Why we fought tooth and nail to make it happen.

Although there’s no denying that the blooming flowers, the soothing orchestral music, and the pristine white wedding gown contributed to the magic, we forget that they’re there to accentuate the love that brought all that together. Bringing all that magic together is no easy feat; the only possible explanation for why we braved and powered through that logistical hell was because we love our partners.

However, we will forget those surreal moments, despite preserving them in photos. Staring at our disheveled looks in the mirror when we look back at how dolled up we were that day always makes us ask, “What happened?” All sorts of reasons come out. “Kids happened.” or “Career happened.” or what some of us usually say, “Life happened.”

But that’s the beauty of renewing our vows. We celebrate both the old and new memories born from that love. Besides the results of those memories, we cherish the journey of that transformation because this time, the change wasn’t something we faced on our own.

During our wedding, we announced to the world that our partner has a special and permanent place in our hearts. And when we renew our vows, we reaffirm that by adding more reasons why they will always have that exclusive spot.

Source: iamhearte Instagram

Celebrating both old and new memories

A renewal of vows does have its merits because there will be days wherein we’ll tell ourselves that we’re staying in an unhappy relationship for “the sake of the kids.” When we start to do that, we slowly begin to resent the kids (though we’ll never admit it). But it was never their job to constantly remind us why we stay with our partners. If anything, they’re a window into how healthy our relationship is.

As parents, we spend every day making everything about kids and family. But when renewing our vows, the spotlight’s on us. We look back at the foundation, fill in the cracks, or maybe break the old foundation to build a newer and stronger one.

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