Rick Astley’s Song ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ is 35!

For parents and family members growing up in the 80s, Rick Astley was a part of their music list and is still included to this day!

If you are one of those parents or siblings growing up in the 80s, chances are you’ve listened to the songs of British singer Rick Astley. He was one of the artists whose career skyrocketed in the era thanks to hits such as “Whenever You Need Somebody,” “Together Forever,” and “Never Gonna Give You Up,” which celebrated its 35th year on July 27.

Stronger at 35

On social media, Rick wrote how he couldn’t believe that the song that changed his career is already more than three decades.

“Never Gonna Give You Up is 35 years old today! If it was a person it would now be old enough to be President of the USA according to US law! It’s really got a life of its own at this point and I just appreciate all the love, fun, and laughter that surrounds it! Here’s to the next 35.”

“Never Gonna Give You Up” also became a classic Internet moment. The term “Rickrolling” is an Internet meme that involves pranking someone with a link to an unexpected appearance of the song’s music video.

In 2017 when he was interviewed on CNN, Rick said: “I thought, what is he doing? This isn’t actually very funny.”

“Then he did it again. Ultimately, I called him and he said, ‘Don’t you know what this is?’ I said ‘No, you are just an idiot,’ and he explained to me that it was this thing.”

Still rocking in his 50’s

These days, Rick Astley is still active in the music industry. He recently wrapped up the Mixed Tape tour alongside New Kids on the Block, En Vogue, and Salt n Pepa in the US.

Rick, 56, is also a family man. After his success in the 80s, he briefly retired and married movie producer Lene Bausager. They have a daughter, Emilie.

In a 2018 interview with the BBC, Rick said his wife always had confidence in him—especially when he released a new album in 2016.

“The success I’m having is due to her, there’s no doubt about that. She’s a massive part of the whole thing,” he said.

In 2018, he released another album, Beautiful Life. Since then, he has been doing tours in Europe and the US.

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