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We Love Rina Santos’ Artsy Ode to Her Daughters

While some moms have lockets, necklaces, and sweaters to share with their daughters, fashion icon and blogger mom Rina Santos switches the trend up with a more artsy expression.

Traditionally, moms often share jewelry with their daughters to commemorate the love and their relationship. But fashion icon and blogger mom Rina Santos adopts a more contemporary approach. She chooses an artsy expression by having a doodle of her two daughters tattooed on her left arm. Collaborating with children’s illustrator Nazarina, Rina immortalizes her loving relationship with her daughters with a sweet drawing.

Rina Santos and her ode to her daughters
Source: odetomydaughters Instagram

Preserving The Memories of Motherhood

When she first received the commission, Nazarina admits to being nervous but also honored to have her ink being a permanent mark on someone’s body. “Designing tattoos (this is my 3rd-time to be honest and 1st in a very long time) always makes me a bit nervous – the thought of creating something permanent is a big responsibility! But seeing someone choose my art to be a part of their skin forever is the ultimate honor,” she shares.

And in an exclusive with the fashion mom, Rina shares that her tattoo is a reminder of the essence of time. “I wanted to celebrate turning 40 by having something to remember and capture my daughters’ stage at this time because I know time is fleeting,” she reveals. “Rafa is now a teenager at 13 and Gabby is 2. I’m also very lucky to have a supportive and encouraging husband who loves my tattoos. Ironically, I call this tattoo “ode to my daughters”, just like our Instagram account/handle.”

Rina Santos shows her new tattoo of her daughters
Source: odetomydaughters Instagram

The Mark of Modern Motherhood

Like many others who choose to celebrate the body as an artwork, Rina’s choice to ink a doodle of her daughters on her skin is a personal one. But it’s not one that should make people undermine her ability as a fashion icon and mom. “Regardless of the stigma and taboo surrounding it, I guess for me, I just want people to respect and understand that people with tattoos do not diminish their capabilities in their line of work and more so their personal values.”

Motherhood is a journey that always leaves a mark on a woman. Some moms see it in their stretch marks. Others find it in the peculiar but chic fringe of white hair that seemingly grows only on one side. But moms like Rina Santos may prefer something more whimsical and contemporary. The ink serves as a preservation of the magic of watching her daughters, Rafa and Gabby, growing up into empowered and stylish young ladies.

Each Inked Creation Weaves a Tale Worth a Thousand Words

While heirlooms and artifacts are concrete proof of a mother’s love, tattoos offer the same in style, artistry, and intention. Each inked creation tells an emotional tale of struggles and victories. As for this creation, it’s a memorabilia of Rina’s journey of overcoming the trauma of miscarriage and celebrating her rainbow baby, Gabby, and celebrating the pride of her eldest, Rafa, becoming her own woman. And although Rina has photos of her girls growing up, she summarizes the tale of being a mom of two wonderful girls in a single tattoo: filled with whimsical fun and joyful wish fulfillment.

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