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Somewhere Over The Rainbow: Rina Santos’ Story of Loss, Love and Hope

The anticipation of a rainbow baby is always met with a mix of emotions — being rocked to the core with grief after overcoming a loss, and bliss in anticipation of the new life to come. On August 16, Rina Santos announced her second pregnancy — a rainbow baby — following her 10 year-old daughter, Rafa.

Mixed feelings…

It’s only natural that Rina was hesitant at first to reveal her pregnancy. “My main goal is to keep my baby safe and healthy, but I also realized I didn’t want fear to ruin this beautiful blessing and journey,” shares Rina. She also revealed that this is her fourth pregnancy — she had suffered two miscarriages, before and after Rafa. Scared, emotionally and physically traumatized after her last miscarriage, she was reluctant to try again. “We actually didn’t plan this pregnancy.” says Rina.

rainbow baby rina santos santos family

As an influencer, she understood that she needed to keep it real for her followers — even when it came to sharing something as intimate and devastating as a miscarriage. “I don’t mind sharing moments of pain or vulnerability, especially if I know it will bring comfort for other people going through the same thing,” Rina says.

On sharing her experience

With her rainbow on the horizon, Rina is very passionate about sharing her experience with other moms, especially those who are expecting rainbow babies of their own.

“I’ve received messages from women who are also waiting for their own rainbow baby, or that they can relate to what I’m going through,” Rina reveals, “To be happy for other people’s blessing while you’re waiting for yours isn’t easy. I’m grateful and humbled at the same time.”

rainbow baby rina santos rina and rafa

Both Rina’s husband, John, and their daughter, Rafa, are over the moon about the latest addition to the Santos family. In fact, John has taken up doing all the chores and cooking at home (on top of his job!) so Rina can take it easy. “Rafa was beyond herself. Having a brother and sister didn’t matter to her, especially after all that happened. But Rafa being the gentle soul that she is, cried all night (for five hours!) when she found out she was having a baby sister.” Rina shares. Check out Rina’s cute gender reveal video below *prepare to ugly cry*:

Now into her second trimester, Rina is feeling very — pregnant. As she eagerly awaits her February rainbow (who we just found out is named Gabby!), she wants others who are struggling with miscarriage and loss to know they aren’t alone. She says,

“Know in your heart that you are enough. Whatever hardships you’ve experienced or are currently experiencing, you can rise above it because you are resilient. Have a strong support system, even if it’s just one person who truly believes in you — even if that person is just you.”

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