Roaring Fun: Rina Santos Celebrates Her Daughter’s Birthday With a Cute and Simple Dinosaur-Themed Party

Rina Santos shows how to make a cute and simple dinosaur-themed party since Gabby just loves her dinos!

Kids have a wide range of interests, but some go through the universal “dinosaur phase.” And while not all of us see the appeal of these large, scaly, and carnivorous creatures, we’ll still figure out how to incorporate the reptile theme into a birthday party. Because we love our kids!

Case in point: fashion blogger and icon Rina Santos. For Gabby’s dinosaur-themed party, she maintained a simple green and white motif that worked!

Source: odetomydaughters Instagram

Why do kids like dinosaurs anyway?

Although dinosaurs have been long extinct, families don’t see them roaming the streets. But the knowledge that these dinosaurs exist explains the appeal these ancient creatures have to the kids. They’re novel and they come in different colors and forms—each of them having exclusive features that allow them to adapt to their environment (Sax, 2018). It’s probably why Gabby loves them so much!

However, studies have discovered possible benefits to having an affinity towards these large creatures. When kids love dinosaurs and want to learn how they lived, it shows that they are more prone to developing critical thinking. They become deeply engrossed in what psychologists call “conceptual domains,” wherein kids will keep digging for information until they’re satisfied (Alexander, Johnson, Leibham, & Kelley, 2008).

By examining the dinosaurs’ bones, their teeth, their environment, and even their behavior, our kids’ intense attachment allows them to develop their micromotor skills and mindfulness. Examining even the texture and shape of the creature’s skeletons prompts them to expand their vocabulary too.

How do you keep a dinosaur-themed party simple?

Dinosaurs have different environments as far as Science has revealed but we do know that these creatures stick to an earthy color palette. To fuss less over the designing and styling for her daughter’s dinosaur-themed party, Rina Santos celebrated at Mary Grace Café—a restaurant that already has the wooden color and texture. All she had to do left was customize the party with Gabby’s favorite decor.

“Bought balloons and toys for the kids, and of course Dinosaur decor, because it’s Gabby’s favorite🤍,” Rina writes. “We held a simple lunch with family to celebrate Gabby. Booked everything just yesterday!”

And to close the simply adorable celebration, Rina, Rafa, and Gabby blew out the candles on the chocolate birthday cake together! Happy 3rd Birthday, Gabby!


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