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Saab Magalona and Vito Bacarro Went On A Mommy-Son Date!

According to Saab Magalona, Vito insists on “staying with mama”. We find that so adorable!

Daddies can bring their daughters out on dates so, why can’t moms? Celebrity podcaster and musician mom, Saab Magalona, started this trend when she posted on her Instagram about her youngest son, Vito Bacarro. “Vito seems to be going through a phase right now where he’s all about mama,” Saab’s caption read under her reel. The mother-and-son duo had a one-on-one date with a lot of spaghetti and play time!

“Everywhere he goes, Vito stays with mama.”

Saab also mentioned that Vito still needs her to co-sleep with him, which she obviously doesn’t mind. “Everywhere he goes, mama has to “stay with Vito” and he doesn’t want to sleep beside anyone else,” says the mother of two.

Little Vito Bacarro even played “doctor” and looked absolutely adorable with the stethoscope! Don’t worry, Saab, we understand. We probably wouldn’t have the heart to tell him either that he’s wearing it funny.

Does every kid have this kind of phase?

When it boils down to Science and Psychology, kids do have a phase when they wish to spend more time with the parent of the opposite sex. Freud would argue that this is the time kids build their collective idea of how the opposite sex is supposed to behave. But Science aside, we’re all for Saab and Vito breaking into a new trend of mommy-son dates. So adorable!

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