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Saab Magalona Reminds People to be Sensitive to Families with Kids who Have Special Needs

During World Cerebral Palsy Day, Saab, who is the mother of Pancho and Vito, reminded people to be kind to families who have children with special needs.

Podcast host and Cheats singer Saab Magalona took to Instagram on Friday, October 7, reminding people to be sensitive to families with kids who have special needs.

In her post, Saab, whose son Pancho has cerebral palsy, wrote about the comments she and her husband, musician Jim Baccaro have been getting.

Saab Magalona: “We thought we were prepared for this.”

Saab began by writing, “As much as we’re enjoying finally giving our children more opportunities to experience the world, unfortunately, we have also been subjected to some not-so-pleasant comments.”

She mentioned that she and Jim have been getting comments like, “Sayang naman.” “Gwapo pa naman.” or “Awang-awa kami sa anak niyo.”

“We thought we were prepared for this. That we would take it as a chance to educate people to choose a better way of saying things. But in reality, it’s way too shocking to actually respond in the moment so we just clam up,” she said.

Saab Magalona: “Pancho is our pride and joy.”

The Cheats singer added that for her and her family, Pancho is their source of pride and joy despite the challenges.

“Pancho is our pride and joy. He’s our source of happiness. He may be dependent on us but we are also dependent on him. He makes life easier. Pure joy is no longer sought, instead, it’s something we experience on a daily basis.”

She says that while it may be challenging to have a child with special needs, it’s also a privilege and honor in some ways.

 “We’d like to remind everyone that families with special needs members do not need your pity,” she said. “And if you ever encounter a family with special needs, give them kind words and support instead.”

“Love to all Cerebral Palsy warriors and their armies. Fight lang tayo.”

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