Tyler Ramos, Pancho Bacarro, and Vito Bacarro Had Their First Playdate!

We’re gushing with moms Bea Fabregas and Saab Magalona about how cute Tyler Ramos and the Baccarro Brothers were during their first playdate.

Can we just say how cute it is to watch Tyler Ramos, and the Bacarro Brothers—Pancho and Vito—have their first playdate together?

Dear boys, your cuteness is just too much for these mamas’ hearts!

“Smiling from Ear to Ear”

Although tempted to post every photo and video of their very first playdate, Bea Fabregas instead chose to make a reel of their cutest moments together. “Tyler’s first ever play date with the Bacarro brothers was TOO MUCH FOR MY MAMA HEART,” she gushes.

Meanwhile, Saab is overjoyed that her sons found a new friend. “NEW FRIEND UNLOCKED: TYLER!”

It’s clear that the boys had a wonderful time. Tyler and Vito had a wonderful conversation and it seemed like Pancho was more than happy to give Tyler a hug. It was a wonderful day in the playground and the boys relished playing in the colorful jungle gym. Moms Saab Magalona and Bea Fabregas even had the chance to go on the slide together!

But don’t worry, Bea and Saab. We feel you. These boys are just too adorable to be true.

The Joy Found in Playdates

Because of COVID-19, it’s been hard on kids who learn mostly by interacting with people. Although they interact with us as their parents, it’s different when they interact with kids their own age. We’re sure Tyler, Pancho, and Vito had fun during their playdate. We hope that the weather will always allow them to do so! Besides, playdate friends may become one’s friends for life.

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