Saab Magalona and Jim Bacarro Celebrate Buying Their First Brand New Car!

Saab Magalona took to IG to post about how she and Jim bought their first-ever brand new car.

Parenting victories are not just in the form of getting the kids to do something. It can also be something financial-related to make the family’s life better. And for Saab Magalona and Jim Bacarro, they hit a highly-sought milestone among many couples and families: buying one’s first, brand new car. With Pancho and Vito getting bigger, it’d be nice to have a car of their own to go places.

Excited to test the new wheels

The two also posted their first trip with the new car, with Saab happily removing the plastic covering off the different parts. Jim looked at her, bewildered and confused, because of how she could easily remove the plastic without drama. Perhaps the excitement of having their own car overrode the anxiety of peeling off the plastic.

More fun road trips to expect with Jim and Saab!

Having one’s own car is a sign of prestige and financial stability. A lot of us probably bought second-hand cars because new ones are either too expensive or too difficult to manage. But for Saab and Jim, it’s also a more controlled environment for their kids, Pancho and Vito, with COVID-19 cases going on the rise again. Although it’ll mean the two will have to swap every now and then when driving for long road trips, it’ll still be a fun and safe ride for the two boys.

Safe trails and happy road trips, Saab and Jim! We’re sure Pancho and Vito will love playing music on the new speakers!

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