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Sarah Lahbati Gets Candid About Her Imperfections

The actress, mother of two, and wife of Richard Gutierrez says it took years for her to embrace her stretch marks as her ‘best tattoos’

Women for years have hidden stretch marks in their bodies and actress Sarah Lahbati knows this well, having camouflaged it for years. But on January 26, the mother of two posted on Instagram that she was learning to embrace it.

“I’m tired of hiding my stretchmarks. I’m not perfect. No one is. What’s funny is it took me a while to accept that. My biggest insecurity,” she wrote.

“To love me fully. To fully accept me. I’ve always been ready to give all of me for my loved ones but never poured that same cup to myself.”

Sarah said that it took her a long time to accept that the stretch marks were her “best tattoos.”

“[ This is ] a reminder that I am a strong and resilient woman whose been through a lot but most importantly, I’ve given birth to my two dearest sons, Zion and Kai. My angels. I am loved, understood & cherished by my husband. I couldn’t ask for anything more,” she said.

You’re enough

In addition, Sarah also told her followers to embrace their imperfections, most especially women.

“This may sound dumb to you, but I just wanna let you know that you are enough and beautiful. I’m grateful to be alive, to be loved, messy, and to be fully myself,” she said.

“Wouldn’t have it any other way. Took a while for me to get here. But here I am. Proud. Cheers to all of you, women.”

She thanked several f her friends including fashion designers Boom Sason and Mark Bumgarner for being not just her go-to designers but friends.

Her family and showbiz friends led by husband Richard Gutierrez said they were proud of her for embracing herself.

Actress Iza Calzado wrote on Sarah’s post: ” You are more than enough. Thank you for this, Sarah. I love you.”

Photo from Sarah Lahbati’s Instragram

Love yourself, embrace yourself

Cliche as it may sound, women or men should learn to embrace and love who they are before even thinking about others. Once we’ve learned to accept ourselves including our physical and emotional imperfections, we can learn to love others and the people around them. Working on oneself is always a challenge but we are human and we are not perfect.

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