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5 Simple Ways To Save Money On Grocery Shopping

Find yourself going over budget at the grocery store? Here are some easy fixes that’ll sort it out

Although grocery shopping can be fun, seeing the receipt afterwards isn’t — especially when you find yourself going over budget. Grocery shopping for your family, especially with young kids, means you’re constantly buying stuff, which eventually adds up. Which is why it’s important to play it smart when you’re cruising the grocery aisles and adding items to your cart. Here’s how to save on money while grocery shopping…

How to bring your grocery shopping budget down

Bulk is best

When you’re hitting the groceries, it’s best to always buy in bulk. Sure, it’s not always easy if you don’t have the extra space, but think of all the money you’ll save if you buy in bulk AND buy on sale.

Skip the pre-made stuff

Everyone (or at least we think so) knows that pre-cut anything is more expensive than buying whole items. Whether its pre-cut meat or veg, you’re bound to pay extra. Next time you’re throwing a kilo of chicken thighs in your cart, buy a whole chicken instead. It’s a lot cheaper, we promise!

Plan your meals out

Plan your meals at least two weeks in advance. This way, you can already scan your local grocery store for items that are on sale and add these to your menu.

Use your eyes

Did you know that the most expensive items in the grocery are usually the ones placed at eye level on the store shelves? Take the time to look all the way up or at the bottom — you’ll probably find the same items for way less.

Don’t be brand conscious

Just because you’re buying store-brand items doesn’t mean you’re compromising on quality. Often times, a lot of store brand items are the same quality as popular brands — just without the fancy labels.

When it comes to grocery shopping, it pays to be more discerning. There are many ways to be thoughtful about your grocery shopping, why not start with these ones?

Happy shopping!

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