Check Out These Shops if You and Your Kids Love Mint Chocolate

Love it or hate it, mint chocolate is here to stay! If your kids are a fan of this minty but decadent treat, we list where you can satisfy those cravings.

There are two factions when it comes to mint chocolate. Some dislike its taste—going so far as to call it “toothpaste,” while others enjoy the delightful combination of cool mint and rich chocolate that work so well together.

How so? For one thing, chocolate takes on a decadent, full-bodied flavor. When paired with mint, you get a sharp and refreshing taste that contrasts with the sweet and bitter notes of chocolate.

But no matter how strong your feelings are towards (or even against) chocolate mint, mint chocolate desserts are a thing! Think mint chocolate chip ice creams, thin mint cookies, chocolate bars, and even peppermint mocha drinks that show up during the holidays. Chocolate and mint are an iconic duo, and no amount of haters can make it go away.

If you and your kids love choco mint together, here’s where you can get them!

4 Mint Chocolate Desserts You Need to Have, Stat!

1. Mint Chocolate Ice Cream

Cool, refreshing, and creamy all the same, a good scoop (or two!) of ice cream is guaranteed to cool you down, especially in a country as hot as the Philippines. But if you want to up the ante with the cool factor, you can easily partake in some mint chocolate ice cream!

For example, local ice creamery Carmen’s Best offers their delicious take—a Merry Mint Chocolate flavor that features mint-based ice cream mixed with real chocolate pieces. On the other hand, the ever-so-reliable and affordable ice cream brand Big Scoop offers a Mint Chocolate Chips ice cream of their own, which is more on the thick side, but is made for the Filipino palate all the same.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for non-dairy ice cream, Alt Scoops has a Mint Chocolate ice cream that features 64% Auro Couveture Dark Chocolate, mint—and of course, Oatly! oat milk for the base.

2. Mint Choco Chip Cookies

If your kids are cookie monsters and obsessed with mint chocolate, then choco mint cookies are definitely a must-have! Online shop The Cooking Pantry offers a fully loaded Mint Chocolate Cookie with a decadent dark chocolate base and tons of mint chocolate chips that guarantee refreshing mintiness in every bite.

And if you’re watching out for your sugar intake (or even for your kids), PlumTree sells Sugar-Free Mint Chocolate Cookies—handcrafted sugar-free mint-infused cookies covered in sugar-free dark chocolate. The best part? They’re sweetened with allulose, an alternative sweetener that is low in calories versus normal sugar.

Source: Funhan Mart

3. Choco Mint Coffee

Although coffee shops like Starbucks are known to debut mint chocolate coffee drinks during the holidays—take for example their famous Peppermint Mocha—other coffee brands and shops offer it all year round.

Case in point: Korean coffee brand Kanu by Maxim. With sachets that you can easily take with you to the office, or brew at home, its Mint Choco Latte features a blend of coffee, chocolate, milk, and mint. The result is a mellow and creamy drink with refreshing notes that contrast with the indulgence of coffee. You can easily buy this in any Korean store, like Funhan Mart, the biggest Korean convenience store in the Philippines.

You can even make your own choco mint coffee at home by mixing chocolate syrup and peppermint syrup from Easy Brand. Just add to your usual cup of coffee, and you’re good to go!

Source: Candy Corner

4. Mint Chocolate…Chocolate!

Nothing says mint chocolate desserts more than the base combination of mint and chocolate in… chocolate, no less!

For the yummiest, melt-in-your-mouth choco mint, Andes Mint Chocolate, which you can get from Candy Corner, is your best pick. This iconic rectangular three-layered candy features mint sandwiched between two thin chocolate layers. Alternatively, you can get the reverse—a thin chocolate layer sandwiched between mint.

On the other hand, Nestle has its own take on this refreshing chocolate: the Aero Bubbles Peppermint Chocolate. Its porous chocolate shell is infused with minty goodness that first breaks apart when you bite into it. And then, it melts in your mouth in a smooth, velvety finish. Get yours via Pickaroo!

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